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Best Fashion Show In Europe And America

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There is no doubt about the importance of buyers.

The important show will directly dominate the buyer's aesthetic orientation and affect the next season's retail market.

The following is a brief comment on the 2012/13 autumn and winter show in Europe and the United States, looking at the best fashion show in their eyes.

Obviously, the buyer group in China is still in the learning stage, and the understanding of the show is mostly limited to "super big card".

Let's start with the show.


Paris fashion show

Haider Ackermann is widely regarded as one of the best fashion shows in Paris.

There is no doubt that Haider Ackermann has a strong personal style. But his tensive slender profile and sharp cutting and manipulative color use this season are well suited to this season's popular Edward style and the design trend of soft and flexible.

In addition, his leather products are also very colorful, highlighting his tailoring skills.

His show was rated as "though every time the clothing series is memorable, it is the first time that he has brought us products that are suitable for sale with high potential."

Obviously, the designer with the most personal style has also done business this time.




Dries Van Noten is also highly regarded this season. Buyers especially like his Oriental style printing, which is obviously related to the Eastern market as a place to attract gold.

Dries Van Noten is almost the integration of the two trends that are destined for the next season: military style and Oriental printing elements are irrelevant but strangely harmonious.

The embroidery is very beautiful, especially the exotic Beaded bird pattern.

He also won the praise of the kimono inspired white print trousers suit.




Another winner in Paris is Lanvin, the tenth year of Alber Elbaz becoming the permanent designer of Lanvin.

Lanvin has confirmed the theme of the next season's dream: showing the charm of women with bold jewelry and hourglass outlines.

Other buyers think Lanvin's design is good and attractive: for example, this business has a strong green TURQUOISE tune, a sculpture like diving suit, a slender waist skirt, and some buyers predict that it will become the next season's "Must have".





Prada is no doubt the most popular fashion show in Milan. Her style and style of adornment are very popular.

Miuccia is full of creative inspiration. Every season, she will bring new elements. This season is no exception. Her large number of black suit trousers suit will strongly affect the next season's women's wear.

Not only that, she has been innovating in fabric, printing and collocation, her symbolic geometric printing has revived the classical style, while the 70s mismatch has a new design.

In addition, resin coating and sequins decoration will also become a very popular trend in the coming season.




This is the last show of Raf Simons designed for Jil Sander, but is considered to be the most successful series in 7 years.

A series of light and feminine beautiful single products, such as the simple retro sculpted little retro collar coat, long stitching fabric tight skirt, hourglass dress, and a large amount of cream color, pink and large red application, are beautiful to be faultless.

Their design inspiration came from the New Look of Christian Dior in the early 1950s.

Raf Simons finally found herself in the curtain call show, though this is contrary to the unique shape of Jil Sander brand in a certain sense.






The Aquilano.Rimondi series is also good for many designers, especially the integration of good girl / bad girl style: jacquard fabric printing is similar to Russian style, while hourglass style dress has a positive sense of elegance, but the back is full of sexy.

A sophisticated young gesture is quite suitable for the young market.





Despite the fact that London design is not considered commercialized, many buyers this season strongly recommended London as the focus of this season's fashion show.

The city's show gave buyers a lot of inspiration: from Jonathan Saunders, Holly Fulton, Erdem, Christopher Kane to Mary Katrantzou, Stella McCartney and Katrantzou.

Some buyers saw the change in London today: London has been rated as having truly risen from punk capital to the location of the printing capital.

Mary Katrantzou is regarded by many buyers as its favorite.

London Fashion Show

Her prints are perfectly matched with the female body curves, including matching printed jackets and trousers, and multimedia inlaid knitted dresses.




The series of Christopher Kane has a perfect saturation tone, which skillfully plays the natural elements such as punk, bright and luxurious fabrics.

His girl is pluralistic, maybe a bad girl, with a little bit of gorgeous, hedonism, and even some evil.

All contradictory elements blend with each other, from natural patterns, fur to plastic rope, beads and fringes, and so on. The designer creates a half sense of heaven and half of hell's entanglement with extraordinary skills.

Sometimes this is more in line with people's inner expectations.




Erdem presents an intricate art of collage: inlaid lace, tweed ornaments, brightly coloured crystals, and printed style prints, both of which are inspired by the art collector Peggy Guggenheim.

It is full of retro manual sense, which is highly praised by many buyers.




New York

Joseph Altuzarra is undoubtedly the popular love of New York, and many buyers are calling their military uniform design and dreamlike fashion show.

Altuzarra chose Corto Maltese, the hero of the 60s and 70s French adult animation as his inspiration for this season's design.

"Maltese is a sailor, his mother is a Gypsy, and his father is a Venice man."

This allows designers to incorporate the tailoring styles of military uniform with the gypsy style skirts.

The fashionable and fashionable corduroy bell bottoms and narrow version of the self-made suit casual pants and the cool high tube boots are full of riffle.

In addition, a large number of circular embossed decorative kaki area Bakara Style Embroidered skirts and printed brocade patterns are equally brilliant.

In general, this is the next season's dress that women would like to wear.






Rag & Bone is another winner: his traditional British style and arbitrary integration of Asian elements also love buyers.

Some buyers say that these young designers are changing the rules of the fashion world, leading the trend and pushing the fashion world to a higher level.

The widespread concern of global culture and the insight into the changing lifestyle of young people are the main reasons why these young designers are widely sought after.




In New York, the rise of Chinese American designers has always been a concern.

This season, they are widely praised.

After years of slow accumulation, Alexander Wang has truly established his position as the world's top designer by the shape of the architectural style and the ingenious facet.

Jason Wu's Chinese theme is also appreciated by buyers, though some of its "Chinese elements" are quite surreal in Chinese.

But overall, modern and real clothes still account for the majority.






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