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Armani Beijing Fashion Show Held Fan Bingbing Hsu Chi To Help.

2012/6/1 16:29:00 166

Armani Beijing Fashion ShowFan BingbingHsu Chi

Recently, Beijing,

Giorgio ArMani

Giorgio Armani only tonight - Beijing fashion show is held.

Many stars came to help us, and also added a lot of luster to this event.




Fan Ye

Fan Bingbing

A Armani tailored dress model is unveiled. All silver fabrics make the metal very prominent and full of future style. Besides, bright metallic makeup and black big wave long roll with Blue Textured earrings also let fan's atmosphere reveal many young people.




Hsu Chi looks relatively witty. He chose 2012 spring and summer series Armani white dress, plus a symbolic charming smile to match the fashion theme of this spring and summer season. Female stars can not miss romantic flower elements. The dress is full of crystal and flowers, full of fresh and romantic atmosphere.




Actress Lunmei Kwai's pure and simple temperament is very suitable for this Armani.

Custom dress

Only by relying on the simple design and gorgeous decoration of the clothes can we attract the attention of the designers. We can not help but admire the excellent performance of the designers. The dress is very perfect with Lunmei Kwai's temperament.

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