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Smart Mother Chooses The Best Quality Cotton Fabric For Baby.

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Why do mothers choose 100% pure cotton?

Care for the baby's tender skin begins with the baby's first cry.

Many mothers say that I buy underwear for my baby, and only buy pure cotton! Daily necessities, and also use pure cotton! The pure cotton fabric is more and more widely used in baby products. Smart and careful mothers, do you know why we all choose 100% pure cotton? Cotton fabric is soft, delicate, breathable and moist, and has good saliva color fastness, just like the second layers of skin of a baby. It is generally gentle and unladen, and mother's arms are generally warm and comfortable.


Royal treasure

Products, good cotton, good products.


Pure cotton

Where are their characteristics? Let's take a look.


Combed cotton

Combing is a textile process that removes shorter fibers (less than 1CM) from cotton fibers by comber. The longer and regular fibers left behind are called "combed cotton", which is more smooth and smooth with combed cotton fabric.

Generally speaking, the higher the number of sticks, the smaller the cotton yarn is, the softer and more comfortable it will be when it touches the skin.

Royal treasure cotton fabric is used more than 40 high count combed cotton, give the baby the most tender care.


Organic cotton

Organic cotton is a green and reassuring member of the cotton family in recent years.

Organic cotton refers to the whole process of planting without using any chemical products such as pesticides, to ensure that all natural pollution-free production, known as the pollution of ecological cotton.

Organic cotton clothing has good elasticity, good thermal insulation, moisture absorption, breathability and no static electricity. The touch is fine and smooth. It is pure natural without stimulation. It is more obedient and has high skin affinity. It's like baby's bare feet on soft cotton, which is most suitable for baby's young skin, and can also prevent children's eczema.



Because of its light texture and good air permeability, it is suitable for babies who are born within a week or less.

Royal baby high quality gauze is covered with double gauze, which is the most suitable baby's tender skin.

A dress is uncomfortable in the baby's body, and the baby may not understand how to express it. The clever mother will watch the baby stick on it, whether the activity is free, or whether it is muggy and so on, to change clothes for the baby in time.

All cotton care - Royal treasure 168 good cotton products

Royal treasure 168 good cotton selection of high quality raw cotton, using different processes to produce high-quality cotton fabrics, breathable, smooth, no stimulation, such as the soft touch of clouds, and excellent indicators of saliva color fastness, in the most gentle way to protect the baby's growth.

Unlike traditional washing fastness, the color fastness to saliva is that the dye adheres to the fiber and must have a certain degree of fastness to water, friction, sweat and saliva.

For example, babies often like to bite their clothes in their mouths. If the dye is easy to fall off, they will cause the baby to suck the dye residue into the mouth and threaten the health.

Royal treasure's cotton fabrics are sent to the factory before they are put into production, ensuring that the products have excellent color fastness indicators, so that babies can use cotton fabrics more safely and healthfully, so that mothers can feel more comfortable.

Tips: how to distinguish

Good cotton

And cotton

1. touch it.

Pure cotton fabric feels rich and thick. It seems that the fabric of the same thickness is pure cotton and feels solid.

2 take a look.

Whether there is "Aurora" in pure cotton fabric, flattening the fabric with two hands and adding a certain pull force, the fabric is down to a 45 degree angle with the body, and looks at the light source to see if there is glare.

3 knead one pinch.

After the cotton is kneaded, there are obvious wrinkles. The fabric is folded and scraped with nails. After opening, there is a clear broken line, but the fabric is not wrinkled after kneading.

4 burn and burn.

Cotton fiber

Close to the flame, do not melt, do not shrink, contact the fire immediately burning, burning the smell of burning paper, burn out after a thin and soft gray black and white floc ashes, no coke knot.

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