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Hot June, How To Dress To Give People A Cool Feeling.

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For summer business dress, we can start from three aspects: color, style and fabric.

To avoid the heavy and heavy feeling of winter, let's learn together.

Summer suits are mostly semi lining.



Another secret of light and breathable is hidden in style design.

Summer suits are mostly semi lined, and some even have no lining.

The lack of inner lining does not mean cutting and cutting techniques, tailoring and handcrafted of high grade suits, the choice of high quality interlining, such as the body, the head and the noodle of the suit. It ensures the comfort and comfort of the summer suit, the smoothness of the contour lines and the fullness of the chest and shoulders.

Color suits, refrain from depression.

In the heat of June, you probably want to feel cool in your clothes. This feeling comes from the choice of colors and the overall collocation of suits.

Elegant colors such as gray, khaki and so on are your first choice.


We should pay attention to the harmony of colors in order to mix with suits.

The choice of a cool pink tie, shirt and matching summer suit is no mistake.

When summer comes, you absolutely need a summer suit that is light and breathable.

It should be light and thin.


Whether it is linen, wool blended or other blended fabrics, it should have the function of lightness, breathability and sweat absorption.

This kind of advanced fabric is light and thin, but it doesn't appear to be baggy in wearing.

Selection of summer fabrics

What determines your suit can be called a summer suit? The fabric is the foundation.

In summer, fabrics are generally light and light. No matter linen, linen and cashmere blended fabrics, wool, wool blended or foam fabrics, their characteristics are light and breathable, and have good sweat absorption.

In particular, linen and wool blended fabrics become more comfortable and comfortable because of their different ingredients. For example, the fabric made of silk and wool is breathable.

So choose a summer suit and don't move for cool, bright colors, even if you wear a black suit in midsummer.

Wool blend

The fabric also makes you look light and cool.

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