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"BAGE To Shang" 2012Q4/2013Q1 New Product Conference Held In Quanzhou

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CEO Ding Junxian's speech

Starling 2012Q4/2013Q1 new product launch site

May 25th -29, " Family of shoes "- BAGE" 2012Q4/2013Q1 "new product conference" held in Quanzhou. The partners from all parts of the country meet overseas Chinese to join in this leading fashion event.

It is recognized as "the first brand of board shoes" and "the first brand of board shoes". BAGE (starlings) always focus on the best, but BAGE's strategy is not limited to board shoes. In this new product conference, starlings and partners have witnessed the launch of the "Shang Shang" theme, making sure that the brand of the Starling brand will always adhere to the leisure fashion route.

From the theme of "focus on the future and win the future" of the 2012Q3 new product conference, to the theme of "new trend" of the 2012Q4/2013Q1 new product conference, we can easily see that the starling (China) Co., Ltd. is thinking about the brand marketing strategy. Skate shoes "Cowboy" and "leisure fashion" are the core. The trend of brand is "developing towards fashion" and "leading fashion".

"Shang Shang" is not a strategic plan proposed by BAGE (starling). As early as many years ago, starling (China) Co., Ltd. has determined its vision to become the best leisure fashion brand. Under the guidance of this vision, BAGE will be molded into a brand that can compete with other brands to avoid the functional wars of other brands. Nowadays, the proposition of "Shang Shang" coincides with the original brand idea and effectively annotated the previous propositions.

The consumer group of BAGE (starlings) is a group of people who pursue fashion. They are eager to show their individuality with different styles of clothes, because wearing themselves is the taste of leisure fashion. All the so-called fashions out of these consumer groups are just a false proposition. On such a basis, "Shang Shang" is a goal and a clear demand for leisure fashion. BAGE (starling) can expand a broader marketing channel.

"Shang Shang" is a noun. It is a responsibility. BAGE (eight elder brother) has an accurate control over the fashion leisure routes, because only with the trend, can "Shang Shang" be able to go up. "Shang Shang" is an adjective. It is a kind of firmness. The starlings and their partners create intimate products together, because only by promoting the brand of the Starling brand can we become "top quality". "Xiang Shang" is a verb, an incentive, which is the expectation of the youth of the trend fashion, because you have the declaration of fashionable personality.

This is an era of change, an era of opportunities and challenges. In the fashion of waves, only the fittest can survive. As a pioneer of leisure fashion, China has started a new interpretation of life style. No life, no upward trend, no starlings, no BAGE! (BAGE) will bring us the new fashion trend and fashion trend. Let's wait and see.

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