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Charity Donation, 61 Public Welfare Activities, "I Love You With My Media," Is Held Today.

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61Public WelfareTaiyuan

The world clothing shoes and hats net "I love the media, love you" June 1 children's Day large-scale public welfare activities held today in Taiyuan, Shanxi, the same person shopping center, following the early caterpillar group 8000 yuan supplies.

Donation to Loufan County

Xing Wang Zhuang primary school,

ABC Jinnan branch donation

20 thousand yuan materials to the Shanxi Yonghe County Ganji spring primary school, today in this special children's festival, we held a large love donation ceremony, wish all the children can enjoy 61, happy growth!

The event was hosted by the world clothing shoes and hat net, the same person shopping center, Yonghong underwear and Shanxi Red Cross Society. At the event, the leaders invited the leaders of the Taiyuan Municipal Finance Bureau and Taiyuan Poverty Alleviation Office.

Minister of relief and ambulance in Shanxi Province, Minister Wang said: "education is the first step," and education can help the country. I will raise funds with the world clothing and shoe net to improve their learning and living conditions and make them feel the warmth of a large family.

In recent years, the Red Cross Society of Shanxi has carried out public welfare activities such as philanthropy, philanthropy, fraternity, fraternity and universal love.

Public utilities require the concerted efforts and active participation of the whole society. We hope that today's friends from all walks of life will continue to grow and continue to support and participate in the development of the public utilities of the Red Cross Society of Shanxi as always. At the same time, we hope that all the recipients can live up to the ardent hope of donors and study hard day by day, and wish the 61 happy and happy children.

The director of Taiyuan Municipal Finance Bureau expressed his special thanks to the donation from the caring enterprises, hoping that these enterprises could continue to care about these children so that they could grow up like normal children.

"Giving a rose to a man, with a fragrance in his hands, a dedication of love, a harvest of hope", a career full of hope in the sun, and a deep blessing for their careers.

Taiyuan City Poverty Alleviation Office Loufan brigade captain Li hoped that the government and people from all walks of life can join hands in supporting the blue sky of the poor mountain children and make their contribution to the cause of love.

The world clothing shoe and hat net Xu said: "as the media of the industry, I hope I can do my bit to offer some love, and can call on some enterprises to give a love to the children in the poor mountainous area.

I hope that children can grow up happily and become useful talents to the motherland and the people when they grow up.

 61 public welfare activities

Loving enterprise

Underwear, as the sponsor of this event, donated 200 thousand to the impoverished children, believing that as long as "everyone gives a little love, the world will be better"; President Wang of the Shanxi collective education campus calls for loving parents to send more love to the needy children; Benelli children's wear safety manager says they will continue to do charity work; ABC Jinnan branch takes the responsibility of "helping children grow up healthily" as the mission, and uses love to support a sun shining on the children of the motherland. ABC believes: "take care of the children and take a small step to change the world's great strides"; the caterpillar Shanxi branch's speech is simple, and we hope that you can truly sacrifice your love for the poor children. Yonghong


 61 public welfare activities

Teachers and lovely children in the school of Teddy Castle send toys, books and clothes to children in Xing Wang Zhuang village, Loufan county.

 61 public welfare activities

After the ceremony, children from Xing Wang Zhuang village in Loufan County went to Yonghong lingerie chain store to pick up their favorite clothes.

 61 public welfare activities


Children from Xing Wang Zhuang village in Loufan choose their favorite clothes and shoes at the ABC flagship store.

Giving money to study is a charitable cause that benefits both the present and the future.

The development of enterprises bears certain social responsibilities.

A small stream can be rebuilt into rivers and seas, and drops of love can make a successful career. People from all walks of life can contribute to the cause of Chinese education.

Today we let those poor children have a different children's day. I hope we can work together to create a better tomorrow for them.





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June 1 Children's Day, "I Love You With My Media," A Large Public Welfare Event Is Held Today.

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