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Fashion Queen Yang Mi Opens Her Own Studio As Her Own Boss.

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This is an exclusive interview.

Yang Mi

In front of reporters, she behaved very casually, like an old friend, greeting reporters to eat a big plate of fruit platter in front of her. She picked up a gooseberry with enough vitamin C and good skin whitening, chatting and delicately peeling, without assistant help. She used the slender fingers coated with charming red nail polish to begin to undress the kiwifruit skillfully.

Starting a chat, talking about a new title she recently had, of course, that is not the "Hawick Lau girlfriend" that you all know very early, but the "Yang boss" who can fully stimulate the adrenaline hormones of the entertainment circles.

Yes, you are right. Yang Mi, 25, set up her own studio and became a brand-new female boss in the entertainment industry.

I remember when I first visited Yang Mi 4 years ago, she complained to reporters that she was shooting three new TV series, the dream of Red Mansions, the Legend of Sword and Fairy three and the secret fragrance, and flew to another group three days later.

Who knows, in a twinkling of an eye, just 4 years, experienced the palace, experienced 10 times the value of a year, experienced an affair with Hawick Lau, and went through the establishment of a studio. Yang Mi used the shortest time to do other women artists to spend more than a decade or even twenty years to harvest their careers and love.

Studio opening

Yang Mi 25 = Xun Zhou 37

Xun Zhou, who was 37 years old, set up her own studio, and Li Bingbing was 37 years old. Zhao Wei, at the age of 34, announced that she plans to set up a studio. However, it was not until this year's first movie that she started her own movie that she picked up the studio again. Even the overbearing Fan Bingbing "Fan Ye" was almost 27 years old when she set up a studio.

Compared with them, Yang Mi, who was born in 1986, has recently opened up the "Yang Mi studio" and became a producer immediately after she was 25 years old. The team behind the famous American TV drama gossip girl pulled her into the Chinese version of gossip girl, which was fast and efficient.

Jianghu hearsay, Yang Mi's current 3 million endorsement cost is flat, Zhao Wei, more numerous rich and no spending boss willing to invest in her acting, has made the "Star" two words to the extreme Yang Mi, I am afraid there is only one "Yang boss" can be called her mind.

Yang Mi is good at taking care of her career. She has Li Bingbing's diligence and Fan Bingbing's shrewdness. When she was very young, she knew that she had to make her own decisions.

But in Yang Mi's opinion, setting up a studio is just a matter of course. "Actually, it's not like everyone thought. I had planned to do something in the studio, but it was only because I started to work as a producer and needed such a studio."


Use the time of playing games to see financial books

The studio just started, and Yang Mi didn't want to be a big fan, so she also omitted the recruitment links, and helped her manage the daily affairs of the studio.

In addition to making the Chinese version of gossip girl, Yang Mi studio's future business plan is still in the planning stage. "I haven't thought about it yet, let it be."

Yang Mi, who is the home of Hongkong beauty entertainment, is not like Xun Zhou and Fan Bingbing, who quit her own business from the former brokerage firm Huayi. She is still an entertainer of the American Asian entertainment, but the studio is independent. "I am a producer of this product. It is my personal taste, and the studio is mainly doing this, so it has no direct affiliation with meya, but I am still an actress in the United States and Asia."

After the boss, she spent most of her time thinking about the operation of the studio, which is not a big problem for Yang Mi. In order to be good at "Yang boss", she took a lot of time to read fashion magazines and play games to read books on financial management. "I dare not say whether I am a good investment person, because I used to hand over the money I earned to my parents, and I took pocket money every month."

But I usually like to read some books on financial management, and I am interested in understanding the topic of investment.

Whole English team of gossip girl

The Chinese version of gossip girl is the first single business after the establishment of Yang Mi studio. Yang Mi's collaborator is Ming Dao studio. In the face of "Yang boss", Yang Mi shows great awe and laughs, "I really can't afford it. I am just a producer Yang."

She also forbade the staff of the studio to call her "Yang boss", insisting that we should call her "power sister" or "power power".

Unlike many bosses, Yang Mi is definitely called "saving boss". She doesn't need to rent a luxurious office with a large French window near the SOHO or nearby China World Trade Center, and put on a thick woollen carpet. When signing the contract, she must use the MontBlanc signature pen on the desk. Yang Mi disagrees with the way she has not made money. "Because I spend most of my time shooting something outside, it's totally unnecessary to make a big office," she said.

Yang Mi was not too nervous about the first time as a producer. Last year, she met with the leading brands in Milan fashion week. There was no obstacle in English communication. This time she talked about the cooperation with the US drama "gossip girl" behind the scenes team. Yang Mi also personally launched the international team to let the US team take heart.

Yang Mi said she had spent more than ten years to steal the know-how from the producers who collaborated with each other. So the pformation of actors and producers' identity has not become a tangled problem for her to sleep.

"I am a co producer this time. I will participate in the selection of actors and costume modeling. As an actor, I have been on the road for ten years. In the past ten years, I have worked with many excellent producers, and I have learned some marginal things. I hope this time I can use them.

Before becoming an actor is to concentrate on acting this part is good, now should learn to look at the problem macroscopically, from the overall consideration, so it is a very different experience for me.

Boyfriend Hawick Lau does not play the leading role.

The Chinese version of gossip girl is tentatively named "Chinese girl". Yang Mi needs to be responsible for actors and costumes. Although many of her friends are interested in this project, though they are not responsible for the financing, they call to ask if they can invest. Yang Mi introduces them to the relevant people and talks about cooperation. Once again, the play has not yet been filmed, and it has become a topic of communication with friends. "Yang Mi" is a good friend.

Yang Mi wanted to build "China Girl" into a high-end drama that combines Chinese and American fashion elements. According to Yang Mi's standards, actors should be chosen to be handsome and women to be beautiful. In line with the principle of "no water for foreigners", Yang Mi took advantage of the gap of filming to make a phone call to the teacher of his alma mater at Beijing Film Academy. He hoped to dig out some suitable candidates from his younger brothers and sisters. "At the beginning stage of selecting actors, I asked the North shadow teacher to recommend new people for me. After getting the list, I asked the staff to take photos and try them on, and these materials were taken before me to make a preliminary screening."

If the actors are up to standard, Yang Mi will not rule out them as the first artists in the studio.

As an artist of the same brokerage company, boyfriend Hawick Lau gave silent support to Yang Mi's opening studio. Speaking of him, Yang Mi looked sweet. "He is very supportive of me, but he will not play the leading role in the Chinese girl. If he has time, he will consider asking him to guest."

Never superstitious luxury

Yang Mi, who is a woman boss, still has a soft spot for luxury goods. She never used to earn a lot of money to buy luxury goods in order to reward herself. No matter when she used to earn thousands of dollars in the past, or if she earned nearly forty million of her income this year, she still liked to go shopping in Xidan's Hua Wei. Yang Mi's heart had always been the best shoes in the lattice shop.

As He Jiong said, "Yang Mi is very good at wearing, and small items can also wear luxury tastes."

Yang Mi usually recite the 2.55 classic bag of Chanel, but she is a rare female star who dare to tell reporters about his experience in Taobao.

In order to grasp the fashion taste of "Chinese girl", Yang Mi himself picked up the main beam and took care of the costume part.

She usually wears clothes more casual, does not collect luxury brand hobbies, "I do not superstitious luxury brands, as long as I like whether luxury or roadside shop no brand, I will buy."

The most collections in Yang Mi's house are not shoes and bags. She has the most collection of all kinds of damp clothes. "If necessary, I will contribute my collection to the drama group.

I played a drama called "family" before, and I lifted the clothes of two big boxes to the theater, and the clothes in the play were all my own. The director was very satisfied with my own matching clothes.

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