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Domestic Clothing Problems Become Part Of School Uniforms In Shenzhen Ph Value Exceeds Standard

2012/6/1 18:55:00 41

ShenzhenSchool UniformsPh Above Standard


On the eve of the June 1 children's day, the Shenzhen municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau announced the results of quality supervision and spot checks of student supplies, school uniforms and children's clothing products in Shenzhen in the first half of this year.

For the quality problems found in the quality control of the circulation field, the Municipal Supervision Bureau has taken positive measures to carry out special inspection operations within the city.

School uniform pH value exceeds standard.

As for school uniform products, this sampling test examined the formaldehyde content, pH value, decomposable aromatic amine dye, color fastness to water, color fastness to perspiration, and dry rubbing fastness of samples.

A total of 10 batches of 24 batches of production and sales were inspected and 23 batches were tested.

The main quality problem found in this spot check is that the pH value item is unqualified.

The pH value is the safety index of textiles. The pH value of human skin surface is weakly acidic. If the pH value exceeds the standard, it will destroy the barrier of human body surface to resist disease, and easily cause skin scratching and other inflammation.

Student products formaldehyde item is not qualified

About student supplies, a total of 14 batches of 44 batches of products were inspected and tested, and 41 batches were tested.

The main quality problems found in this spot check are as follows: first, the migration elements (BA) of the 1 batches of samples are not qualified.

Long term exposure to soluble barium can cause dizziness or headache, dry throat, nausea, mild abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Two is 1 batches of benzene samples are not qualified, long-term inhalation will cause damage to the skin and upper respiratory tract.

Three is the 1 batch of samples of formaldehyde free items are not qualified.

Children's dyestuffs are not qualified.

With regard to children's clothing products, a total of 16 batches of 43 batches of production and sales were inspected and 41 batches were tested.

The main quality problems found in this spot check are as follows: first, the color fastness to saliva is not qualified.

As infants and young children are easy to suck clothes and dyes fade and fade, harmful molecules and heavy metal ions in the dye may be sucked into infants and young children, resulting in direct inhalation of dyes into the body and harm to the health of infants and young children.

The national mandatory standard GB18401-2010 stipulates that the color fastness to saliva of infants and young children is 4 or more.

Two is the pH value is not qualified.

Experts advise supervising the whole industry chain

In addition to improving the national standard to protect the quality of clothing, insiders believe that the whole industry chain should be strengthened.

"Current regulatory sampling is mainly aimed at the finished products market."

Guangdong clothing and apparel industry association president Zhang believes that the supervision of clothing quality should not be aimed at production enterprises only, but if there are good links in every aspect of the industrial chain, there will be high quality products.

He further explained that the quality inspection department's textile inspection is mainly based on product clothing and so on, and did not check the fabric, but the actual situation is that the supplier deceived the buyer, and the upstream fabric of the textile is not qualified.

And it is impossible for enterprises to inspect every batch of incoming goods, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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