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The Quality Of Chinese Children'S Clothing Is Not Optimistic, Calling For The Return Of Conscience In Children'S Clothing Enterprises.

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Children'S Wear

Annual "61" children's day,

Brand children's wear

Gifts given to parents by parents will be sold well.

This year's "61" children's day, the quality supervision, industry and commerce departments announced the results of children's clothing checks, but the parents have been afraid of brand children's clothing that has always been trusted.

In May 29th, the AQSIQ announced the results of the state supervision and inspection on the quality of toys, children's cars, children's shoes and children's clothing, and found that the quality of the products was not optimistic, and 78 kinds of children's products were not qualified. 4.

Among them, spot checks Beijing, Tianjin and other 200 enterprises produced 200 products, 26 kinds of clothing, in the fiber content content is inconsistent, pH value, decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dye and other items are not qualified.

More Shanghai Ivy Children Products Co., Ltd. produced IVY HOUSE five pants, Wenzhou Red Dragonfly children's products Co., Ltd. men's long sleeved shirts, Foshan Google Clothing Co., Ltd. production of "coke Valley Color Good" fashion casual singles, Foshan East Xuan clothing Limited company "baby bear B Bear Best" short sleeved single T-shirt, Guangzhou Xinchuang Business Co., Ltd., "proud pare /AOPAI-LAI" children's short sleeve shirt and other five kinds of children's clothing, was detected carcinogenic dyes.

In May 27th, the Beijing Consumers Association announced that the 21 black children's garments that were not up to standard in the sampling inspection, the black girl's Woven corduroy trousers produced by Beijing paramount limited liability company were blacklisted on the list because of the color fastness to moisture and rubbing.

The reporter contacted Tong Baoyi, senior director of the production department for the first time.

Tong Baoyi said: "when we learned about the incident, the company first investigated the retail terminal in the country, and in less than two hours, all the products had been put off the shelves."

The color fastness of fabrics can be divided into dry rubbing fastness and wet rubbing fastness.

Among them, dry rubbing fastness is the national mandatory requirement for testing standards. It refers to whether the clothes and skin will be discoloured directly during the wearing process, and the wet rubbing fastness is not yet mandatory.

The test results of dry color fastness of the product were fully conformed to the national standard, which was provided by Tong Baoyi to the reporter in the inspection report issued by the national textile products quality supervision and inspection center.

"Although the state has not yet included the wet rubbing fastness in the compulsory testing of children's clothing quality, the company has attached great importance to this problem.

As a company with social responsibilities, we will tighten up the inspection of the accessories and tighten up the filing system for the quality inspection of flour and accessories.

Tong Baoyi said.

According to Tong Baoyi, Parker has always attached great importance to the quality inspection of children's clothing. All children's clothing factories are required to carry out quality inspection at the national textile and garment inspection institutions, and all the products sold on the market are qualified inspection reports issued by professional inspection organizations.

Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau has also conducted special supervision and spot checks on children's products recently, including children's shoes, children's cars, diapers, children's wear, toys and so on.

Among them, 93 batches of children's clothing were selected and 17 batches were not qualified. The fiber content of "ZARA" shirt produced by SA La Commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was unqualified, and the "Disney" long sleeved T-shirt pH produced by Shanghai Fuxiang industrial and Trade Co., Ltd. was unqualified.

According to incomplete statistics, ZARA has been caught in "quality gate" for at least 9 times since August 2009.

The expansion is too fast for the industry to think that ZARA is the main reason for repeated problems. "The price plus development is too fast, and the inevitable result is that the quality will be reduced, and each store will be so large that the market cost is too high, so the company will reduce costs, including raw material costs and labor costs."

Insiders said.

The results of random sampling of children's clothing can be found everywhere. The quality problems of children's clothing usually focus on four aspects, including formaldehyde content exceeding standard, poor color fastness, aromatic amine dye carcinogenesis and high pH value.

According to experts, poor color fastness may pfer dye to sweat, absorbed by the skin, although there is no sufficient evidence that textile dyes are harmful to human body. However, improving the color fastness of dyed products can greatly reduce this danger; and formaldehyde in textiles will enter the body through skin or respiratory tract, causing strong irritation to the human mucous membrane and respiratory tract and damaging health. The high pH value on clothing will cause skin allergy, irritation and even induce infection. If the aromatic amine is not qualified, it will be susceptible to skin allergy, and long-term contact with human body will lead to canceration of human cells, which is more serious than formaldehyde.

As for the harmfulness of these dye auxiliaries, enterprises will not be unclear. Why are these problems constantly checked?

According to the insiders, children's clothing manufacturers still have no access threshold, and the supervision department can only carry out "post processing" according to the law according to the law.

There are mutual evasive ideas between children's clothing enterprises and printing and dyeing enterprises: Children's clothing enterprises point to the printing and dyeing enterprises directly, most of the quality problems are on the surface accessories, and the upstream fabric and printing and dyeing links are the key. Printing and dyeing enterprises think that children's clothing enterprises purchase environmentally friendly surface accessories for cost reduction, which is the crux of the problem.

Experts point out that the whole supply chain of children's clothing production needs strong supervision and self-discipline, and enterprises should also pay attention to social responsibility and become a conscientious enterprise.

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