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Dongyue Middle School Restores Its Summer School Uniform.

2012/6/2 8:02:00 24

Dongyue Middle SchoolSummer School UniformSchool Uniform

Students from Dongyue middle school in Tai'an reported that the school's new summer school uniform had peculiar smell, and the quality of the sample was not qualified. 1 days, Dongyue middle school According to the unified requirements of Taishan District Education Bureau, all the summer uniforms of the first grade should be recovered.

On the afternoon of June 1st, reporters at Dongyue middle school saw that the students had stopped wearing summer school uniforms, and the students would stop. School uniform Put them in a bag and paste their names and classes to the school's general affairs office. The general office staff will pack the recycled school uniforms in class and store them in an idle classroom on the four floor of the school.

"On the same day, the school uniforms of the 10 classes in the first day of the north campus were recovered, and some classes in the south campus were not ready for collection. Next Monday, there will be a total of more than 1700 school uniforms." Chen Xin, vice president of Dongyue middle school, said.

Chen Hexin introduced, in the afternoon of May 30th, the school received the notice issued by the Education Bureau of Taishan District, asking the students to stop wearing uniforms and reclaim them uniformly by the school and keep them properly. On the second day, Dongyue middle school met to ask the students to stop wearing school uniforms, take their school uniforms home and wash them and hand them in. "The school uniform recovered is temporarily kept by the school, waiting for the relevant departments to carry out the test." Chen and Xin said.

Taishan District Education Bureau Xu director, Taishan District Education Bureau issued an urgent notice, requiring the whole district secondary schools will be issued this time. Summer school uniform All of them were recovered. They unified the school uniform sampling, and the time of recovery was determined according to the conditions of the school. "How to deal with it is not yet determined. We need to wait for the test results."

"Yesterday, the child came home and said he wanted to unify the school uniform." Ms. Lu, a student in Dongyue middle school, said she expected the school to deal with it promptly and give a satisfactory answer to students and parents.

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