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Domestic Shoe Enterprises Take "Micro Rockets" To Create Brand WEATHERVANE

2012/6/2 10:03:00 25

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Just 140 words, you may become a network celebrity.

With the popularity of micro-blog, the use of micro-blog to implement network marketing behavior is also growing. In the shoe industry, many enterprises have also opened micro-blog, and also try to marketing.

In fact, since the first half of 2010, a number of "Fujian" shoes and clothing enterprises including Qipai, Qipai, CABBEEN, Anta, XTEP China and so on have all launched official micro-blog in Sina micro-blog, and distributors of such enterprises as "Star", "powerful" and "micro-blog" have entered the "battle field" either, or are promoting sales promotion schemes, or after-sales service of products or activities.

"Micro-blog platform breaks the constraints of original geography, knowledge and class, and can reconstitute social groups, share information and initiate public actions based on common preferences and experiences," he said.

Xu Linfang, public relations manager of Zhengda (China) Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

It is understood that Anta children Sina micro-blog marketing is a very successful case of Bola Company, the fun test makes Anta children official micro-blog and APP perfectly linked together, "marketing" in entertainment, successfully aroused the attention of potential consumers (children and parents).

First of all, in Anta children's official website, micro-blog started to learn, play, and enjoy the summer holidays. As long as it became a fan of Anta children, it carried out the "parent type psychological test" and forwarded the test results, that is, the chance to get the Anta children's paternity suit award. Netizens visited Anta children's official micro-blog to take part in the activities, and used the "parental type interest test" APP.

Whether the test content is sufficiently attractive is destined to be the key to APP's success in helping micro-blog's brand marketing. Bola has successfully grasped the concern of parents as a result of the content, creativity and design of APP, and has attracted a lot of attention for its brand.

Therefore, the industry believes that brand enterprises are marketing through micro-blog's "viral". On the one hand, the "fragmentation" of the target consumer groups makes the enterprises choose to pfer the part of the brand marketing to the network, and on the other hand, it is also a trend of brand marketing development, because this form of communication can achieve the effect of publicity more easily than the ordinary TV commercials' simple and rude pursuit of commodity image, and trigger a "micro marketing" strategy.

Although the emergence of micro-blog is gradually changing the habits of Internet users and the form of the Internet, and gradually forming a complete micro-blog ecosystem chain, we can see that micro-blog's "micro era" will be one of the hot spots of Internet marketing in 2012. However, there are still many problems in micro-blog's marketing: for lack of standardized management, it is impossible to manage and update continuously, because some official websites of enterprises have not been constantly updated; micro-blog's reaction is slow, and it can not be updated continuously and repeatedly propagandize, so that the earlier micro-blog will be constantly covered by the subsequent eleven, and it is difficult to achieve the maximum effect; some enterprises are also leaking out of their core information due to improper management, giving them an opportunity to compete.

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