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XTEP Is Committed To Building Gatlin'S New Robe To Help Him Win The Championship.

2012/6/2 10:16:00 52

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In 2012, the first battle of the IAAF Diamond League - Qatar's multi stop competition ended smoothly. XTEP signed the athletes, the former world championships, the Olympic 100 meter champion, and the American veteran Justin Gatlin, who pressed the world record holder Powell to win the championship in 9 seconds 87.

It is reported that this competition has attracted a large number of top players, apart from Gatlin and Powell, as well as Jamaica player Carter, American player Rodgers and other famous entries.

This game is quite a lot. It is not only the war of the American tooth (4 Jamaica players, 3 American players), but also the first 100 meters of Powell and Gatlin in this season. At the same time, 6 of the 8 candidates ran into 10 seconds, and the battle between Powell and Gatlin became the focus of attention.

In this game, Powell started well, and entered the process of rising and accelerating. The leading edge was obvious, but the situation changed after entering the 50 meters. Gatlin on his side began to catch up and surpass. The distance between the two men was gradually shortened, and Powell could not throw it away. The last two people almost crossed the line. Gatlin finally won the champion 9 seconds 87 before crossing the finish line. Powell took 9 seconds 88 seconds to win second runner up in 0.01 seconds.

Gatlin, 30 years old, became famous for his youth. He won the Athens Olympic Games 100 meters champion. In 2005, he became the world champion double champion. In this year's March World Indoor Championships 60 meter race, he pressed Chambers and many other good players to win the title.

According to the reporter, Gatlin was invited to attend the XTEP 10th anniversary celebration last month. XTEP is also the first celebrity spokesperson of the sports industry in XTEP.

Gatlin, the world's track and field athlete, is sponsoring Gatlin's competition equipment, and is the first effort of XTEP group in the field of international track and field professional athletes.

XTEP group, which is famous for its entertainment marketing, has indeed tasted many sweeteners. But as a sporting goods brand, it can not embody its sports characteristics only by means of "entertainment marketing".

In recent years, XTEP has established the core sport of running and football.

"Love running, love XTEP"

It is also one of its brand ideas.

In recent years, XTEP has dedicated its support to the development of track and field at home and abroad. Apart from sponsoring the IAAF Diamond League, XTEP's nine marathon events have made XTEP the most popular sports brand sponsoring marathon events in China (including sponsoring the Xiamen International Marathon, the Hongkong International Marathon, the Dalian International Marathon, the Tianjin International Marathon, and the naming of the international marathon race).

The high attention to the marathon race has also kept XTEP in a good state of perseverance and courageously forward.

While sponsoring the world athletics champion athletes, in addition to reflecting XTEP's strong strength in the possession of resources in the international running field, it also shows that its products and equipment are highly recognized and trusted by the world's top professional players.

Such an international commanding height has undoubtedly had a good effect on the products of XTEP's running field. XTEP's brand is also a professional addition to the market.

XTEP and Gatlin witnessed the brilliant victory, and XTEP staff said that Gatlin was the first international sprinter to sign XTEP in the Diamond League.

Sponsorship of Gatlin can be said to have made a very good start. We congratulate Gatlin on winning the Diamond League Championship. At the same time, he is also looking forward to his brilliant performance and success in the London Olympics in July. On the other hand, XTEP also hopes to use more professional functional products and increasingly stable business operation mechanism to sponsor more top international athletes and cooperate with them and make progress together.

Gatlin also said: "like XTEP, I also pursue excellence and pursue my dream. I hope I can make brilliant in the Olympic Games in London by wearing XTEP clothes."

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