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Five Points For Garment Enterprises To Realize Value-Added

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Many people pass.

Investment clothing

To complete the first step of entrepreneurship, because it is small risk, less investment, easy to complete the original accumulation.

Clothing enterprises rely on value-added products to reflect profit points.

And how to avoid extra planned loss and uncertain loss in the value-added process is the top priority of brand clothing enterprises.

To achieve value-added, enterprises need to do the following:

1. smooth circulation of funds


Clothing industry

Cash flow is relatively slow. Now it is customary to calculate a large capital cycle every 3 months. The franchisee operators should break up a lot of small capital cycles from a large capital cycle.

For example, fast track sales.

The spot purchase of some temporary matching products has led to an increase in the efficiency of capital use.

2. improving the stock rate of effective products

All the people in the clothing industry know the fact that the clothing business is to make money, and the most important thing is that the products that can be sold can be provided adequately, while the slow-moving products need to be dealt with quickly.

The former is the key to success, and the latter is the cause of failure.

Enterprises with an effective inventory rate of more than 30% can succeed in the retail sector.

Shop assistants like best sellers, so the best selling styles are often worn on models.

But this style is also the fastest.

When many customers come to buy, they find that they do not have their own number. At this time, you have lost the chance of making profits.

Therefore, what modern marketing emphasizes is not the absolute value of each counter, but rather the absolute value of each stock.


The effectiveness.

3. try to reduce the market down rate.

Generally speaking, there will be a floating rate of 5% N15% in a more strict shopping mall, and this part of the floats will be signed before opening up. Smart businessmen will use various methods to reduce the deduction rate in the contract.

For example, the average reverse rate of a high-end shopping mall in Shanghai is 30%. If we reduce the ratio to 28%, if the annual turnover is around 2 million yuan, the net profit will be 40 thousand yuan a year, which will account for 3. 90to of gross profit and 11% of the direct cost.

4. shortening the sales cycle of clothing

In many industries, prices have a great relationship with time.

According to the survey, the depreciation rate of computer products is about 0.1% per day, while the clothing industry is even higher, reaching 0.7%.

That is to say, when selling products 10 days in advance, the value of the product will depreciate by 7%, while the gross profit margin will increase to 13%.

5. reduce investment in initial stores

(1) the number of shop assistants should be right.

If the store has fewer customers than the shop assistants, the number of customers on the stage is the luxury and failure of the brand clothing store.

When hiring and appointing a salesperson, the boss should try his best to make the best use of his talents so that every salesperson can maximize their strengths and functions. This is an effective way to reduce costs.

(2) savings in operating expenses.

To match the rationalization of store operation and the rational use of funds, shop owners should pay close attention to the conservation of various operating costs.

Shop owners should have an entrepreneurial view, clench their teeth, overcome difficulties, and be thrifty and frugal, and spend every penny on the moon's edge.

(3) increase the turnover per unit area.

To grasp the needs of customers, we can give full play to the composition of the business premises, the combination of the commodity series and the display and display effect of the store performance, and strive to increase the purchase price and increase the number of pactions, so as to improve the business efficiency of the unit area and reduce the unit cost.

(4) ensure total profits.

In the light of the adjustment of the overall commodity plan, the collection of commodities, the selection of manufacturers, the emphasis of sales promotion and the sales methods should be coordinated with each other, and the main partners should be kept informed of the procurement information at any time.

To achieve the above mentioned points, the possibility of appreciation of your clothing stores is much larger, and manage your storefront to win more room for appreciation.

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