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Exhibition Sales Skills To Create Enterprise Brand

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Exhibition SalesExhibition

Participation in various exhibitions is called display sales skills. Now there are more and more exhibitions in China, so if you want to display sales, you have to choose an appropriate exhibition.

First of all, you have to choose. Exhibition The scale.

If you are a small manufacturer, people are world-class manufacturers to participate in the conference, attracting large customers, not your target customers, then you will only show more small businesses, so do not play with others. Just like taking part in the world heavyweight boxing competition, you also sign up, you stand beside others, the person is 2 meters tall, 150 kilograms, you 60 kilograms, one punch is killed. So you want to see what your goal is? If your goal is to reach your potential customers, do you want to analyze this kind of meeting? Will your potential customers come? When they come, what mood will they come to? What do they mainly come to see? You have to choose properly.

Exhibition skills

First, we must study the psychology of exhibitors; two, we should prepare for good people, time, place, material and money; three is marshalling; four, look for potential customers; five, product introductions; six, improve the recognition of exhibits and follow up after meetings.

Second, we should make good preparations for good people, time, land, property and money.

Third, we need to organize.

What does this marshalling do? It's multiple target attack matching. It can be divided into several parts, for example, to collect information. Because an exhibition, almost competitors and the upstream and downstream industries of this industry will arrive, so it's very important for you to gather information of the whole industry. Again, there are friends who make special friends. Sometimes these friends will invite experts to speak. They will ask officials to cut ribbon and speak. There will be managers in the industry, there will be colleagues, there will be your upstream suppliers, your downstream friends, the friends of the government, so I have to make friends with colleagues, like I have to make friends with them, and the associations and so on. You have to assign good staff to whom each part will attack.

Fourth, look for potential customers.

Potential customers? How many potential customers are you going to collect? Of course, the more you can say, the more the better. You have to set a target so that you can consider how many people you want to take. How much information do you need to take? What kind of customers are you going to identify? What are the potential customers? What questions do you usually ask? Who will arrange to deal with potential customers and who will deal with sightseeing? First, the quantity is large, and everyone has it; two, it is important to accept it. Otherwise, there will be no rush to come up, there will be no time to make new production. After a few days' manufacturers come, you will have no cards, and there is no information, so you have to protect your resources. Who are you?

Fifth, product introduction

Those who talk about people who are interested, if you think you have the chance to catch him, ask him to sit down and talk, when you want to give him complete information. For potential customers, do you have to work hard to get him to leave information and how to stay? Temptation skills, what do everyone like? For example, leaving a business card and filling in information, you will have the chance to win a prize.

Sixth, expand brand awareness.

Large enterprises in order to regulate procurement behavior, avoid man-made improperly, take bidding.

In addition to public relations, small and medium-sized enterprises must also join the bidding ranks to win good projects and good users. Bidding is the trend of the times.

This popularity, of course, is reflected in the grade of the exhibition you attend. Apart from the booth, your dress is also related to your dress, and try to make others have an impression of your brand. Like gifts, he will not litter or save. In the past, when computers were booming, many manufacturers sent the mouse, which was his website and company's brief introduction. Since customers can't bear to throw away, they can put them there every day. Sending different things can increase brand awareness and rendering. Your people go out to participate in the exhibition. They are very good exercise, they can be knowledgeable, but they have to make a good group.

Seventh, we must make every effort to earn money.

It's very exhausting to attend the exhibition, so you need to find out where and where to eat, where to live. In addition, how do you contact the network? Who cares about transportation and all aspects of the arrangements should not be ignored. In short, we must be good at participating in exhibitions. Even if the stalls are beautiful, others are very weak. If we do not play the hierarchical nature, we will not do well next time. It takes a lot of time and effort to attend an exhibition. It must be earned.

Eighth, finally, follow up the effective information.

If you collect 400 customer information, you will soon forget it and lose your excitement, three to five days, up to two weeks. So you have to finish the follow up work within 5 days. One person can call ten times a day, and you have to compile them and list them. If you have local customers to attend the exhibition, you have to visit them for a few days. So after the follow-up, you must grasp this part.

Strategic partner sales skills

The last skill is called strategic partner selling skills. This is the highest level of customer relationship management, which is the establishment of long-term partnership. There is a motivational point in it, which is to let the guests share their interests.

There are several ways to share interests: one is that there is a discount or discount as long as an old client is the simplest. Another way to take certain cumulative points is to accumulate the total amount of consumption and return some preferential treatment to some companies, such as attending the Silicon Valley technical seminar once. Of course, this is a big company's profit, but it can let me go to Silicon Valley in the United States, I will seriously accumulate points. So you need to know who is particularly interested in it and whom you want to accumulate on it. Another is that we cooperate to develop products. In order to design it, we must design a plan, a style, a series, a mold, and a dedicated booth. You can also cooperate or joint venture to carry out some projects. These are long-term strategic partnerships, which can be extended gradually in many ways. For example, there is a governing body in Chinese and foreign management. We must have a cooperation, or this is the deeper relationship. These ideas and methods are to create more added value for customers.

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