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A Clothing Factory In Xiangcheng, Jiangsu, Suffered A Heavy Fire.

2012/6/2 10:40:00 72

Clothing FactoryClothing

Around 8 a.m. the day before yesterday, a family in the clothing town of Lu Xiang, Xiangcheng District.

Garment factory

A sudden fire.

The fire still burned a warehouse, and one employee was burned, even though the staff were desperate to save the fire.

"The flames are everywhere, and smoke is everywhere," according to witnesses. He happened to pass by the fire site and saw the entire clothing factory shrouded in thick smoke. The flames in one of the houses were very fierce. "A lot of people are fighting the fire but they are useless."

After the incident, firefighters rushed to the scene, after more than an hour of fire fighting, the fire was under control.

More than an hour later, the fire collapsed the roof of the entire warehouse.

According to the insider, the warehouse area is about 500 square meters, which is stacked with "cloth and some finished garments".

An employee of the garment factory told reporters: "the smoke inside is too big. We want to save it, but we can't get in, we haven't grabbed one."

The employee said that the fire occurred around 8 in the morning, when the factory had already started work, and an employee in the warehouse was using electric heating to cut cotton.

After the incident, the man shouted to his colleagues to extinguish the fire, and the employees on the outside brought in more than a dozen fire extinguishers, but the fire spread too much and it was of no avail.

The employee in the warehouse was eventually burned in order to save the fire.

According to insiders, the fire may have been short circuited when the electric heating wire was cutting cotton.

At present, the real cause of fire and property losses are still under investigation.

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