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Gong Li Appeared In Fashion Week, Known As "Tiger Girl" And "Column Elder Sister".

2012/6/2 10:41:00 32

Gong LiFashion Week

Recently, "column elder sister" Gong Li appeared in fashion week, again with a deep V lace skirt sexy appearance, attracted widespread media attention.

Gong Li was repeatedly ridiculed by netizens because of her plump figure, and had the title of "tiger girl" and "column elder sister".

She often appears in bold and unrestrained breasted clothes, which seems a little more gentle this time.

Elegant black lace low dress, really beautiful and moving.

The cheongsam with national characteristics, the clothes of the dark color always inadvertently enhance people's temperament.

Sexy low chest perspective design, beautiful chest.


This is the red carpet show of Gong Li's sixty-fifth Cannes Film Festival.

I'm afraid this time Miss Zhu lost her hand. This dress had been passed by Michele Lee years ago.

Embarrassing crash shirts have been a headache for celebrities.


The purple dress is really graceful and charming. Purple is a romantic and mysterious color. It matches Gong Li's healthy wheat skin perfectly.

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