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Highlights Of The Sixth China International Knitting Exposition

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In from October 22 to 24, 2012, it was sponsored by China Textile Industry Federation, China Knitting Industry Association, China International Trade Promotion Committee textile industry branch, China wool textile.


The Sixth China International Knitting fair jointly hosted by the association and China's Hemp textile association will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

This acupuncture Fair will make major adjustments in terms of time, scale, layout and activities, and strive to create a visual feast for exhibitors and buyers in the pursuit of innovation.

The sixth acupuncture


The exhibition area will be doubled to 24 thousand square meters, and the time will be adjusted to autumn October, which will be more consistent with the autumn order.

The Expo will be held in conjunction with the world's largest exhibition of garment accessories, "China International Textile accessories (Qiu Dong) exposition" and "China International Textile yarn (Qiu Dong) Exhibition", "China International Industrial Textiles and nonwovens Exhibition".

At that time, all 17 exhibition pavilions will be opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center, with an exhibition area of over 200 thousand square meters.

It is expected that more than 100 thousand professional buyers from more than 100 countries and regions will be invited to the exhibition.

The integration and interaction between the upstream and downstream industries of the whole industry chain and the sharing of high-quality buyers will bring a qualitative improvement to this year's China International Knitting Expo.

Famous brands and exhibition groups will become bright spots.

According to the person in charge of the organizing committee, the layout of the exhibition hall is more reasonable this year. The exhibits are distributed more clearly. They are classified into ordinary and seamless underwear, knitted sweater, sportswear, socks and "fashionable Shanghai" theme area and international brand exhibition area according to the product category, so as to improve the efficiency of the procurement between the exhibitors and buyers, and enhance the specialization, scale and functionalization of the exhibition.

At the same time, the Chinese wool textile industry association and the China hemp textile association will join forces to make the exhibition and exhibitors' structure more diversified.

Famous brands such as Fang Li Fang, ancient and modern, Shenzhou, three guns, bronze cattle, snow bamboo, Huaxing, Yi Fa, AB, Jin kola and so on.

The Zhejiang seamless underwear association has added new fashion elements to the underwear exhibition area.

Dalang, Pu Yuan, Qinghe these familiar wool knitting town gathered together this time to make the exhibition content and form more complete.

In addition, the hemp industry alliance continues to bring downstream related enterprises to show the high performance and high quality of hemp fiber, and the application of hemp fiber in knitted, clothing, clothing and other fields by using the effective platform of the acupuncture and sports fair.

In 2011, the hemp industry alliance first appeared at the Expo, and exhibits and technology attracted much attention.

Hemp, as a new type of fiber developed by the Ma Ma material research center of the general Quartermaster Equipment Department, has many functions and characteristics such as natural, ecological, environmental protection, antibacterial, moisture absorption, sweating, comfort, softness and so on. At present, the products jointly developed by famous brands such as YOUNGOR, Lining, Pathfinder, Fu Tian and mercury have covered all kinds of knitted garments, outdoor sports and home textiles. The application of military equipment in the early stage has received very good results.

In sports and leisure, the T-shirts exhibition group made up of famous brands such as JEANSWEST, gage and seven wolves will be present at the exhibition.

The two largest socks industrial clusters in North and south of the country, Zhuji and Liaoyuan, have been exhibiting in sixth consecutive years. Stockings will be richer and more innovative.

This year, the Taiwan pavilion has launched the needle Expo with the strongest lineup.

In addition to the Taiwan Textile Development Association, the Taiwan Garment Association, Taiwan knitting Association and Taiwan glove Association will jointly participate in the exhibition. The products include knitted apparel, clothing and other categories.

Highlight trade and knitting fashion

Trade has always been the focus of the organizing committee.

This year, the organizing committee will invite all kinds of professional buyers such as department stores, professional market leaders, brand buyers, network buyers, agents and franchisees, from different angles according to the characteristics of knitted apparel and clothing, to help exhibitors, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, traditional export enterprises and industrial clusters to open up internal and external markets, and open new market channels.

The exhibition will also be guided by "knitted life". It will present the unique charm of knitted apparel and garments through the new products, new technologies and dynamic and static fashion trends, so as to display knitted terminal products and convey a new attitude and lifestyle to people.

As one of the important activities of the exhibition, the fashion trends of 2013/2014 autumn and winter knitted garments, jointly constructed by the China knitted apparel design and Research Center, the French professional team and the underwear Mode net, will be released in a static manner. Together with the brand dynamic publishing activities, it will be presented with professional standards at this needle Expo.

At the same time, China international underwear culture week, Yi Zhong fund fashion brand forum, hemp performance and application development forum, new technology and new product promotion conference, overseas designer trend talks and buyers' meeting will be worthy of attention.

It is the promise of the Organizing Committee of the acupuncture and video fairs that the exhibition platform presents diverse products, the latest fashion trends and the characteristics and highlights of knitted apparel.

Commitment stems from confidence in exhibitions, exhibitors, exhibits, spectators and industry development.

In the autumn of October, the 2012 "China International Knitting fair" will achieve a perfect "face" with its grand scenes, rich exhibits, high-end quality buyers, splendid activities and meticulous service.

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