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Xiangyang Bureau Of Inspection And Quarantine Chooses Children'S Clothing

2012/6/2 10:47:00 49

Children'S Wear

The Xiangyang Bureau of inspection and quarantine, the Xinhua branch of the joint industry and Commerce Bureau, carried out the infant market in the city's clothing market on the eve of the June 1 children's day.


Special quality inspection should ensure that the legitimate rights and interests of children are maintained.

A total of 10 counters and 11 batches were selected, representing 1800 pieces.

From the inspection, we found that most of the sellers had weak awareness of clothing quality labels, and they didn't know enough about the product standards, or even had no concept, causing a hidden danger in the field of children's clothing consumption.

The city inspection bureau reminds us to choose and purchase children's clothing, one should try to avoid the "three non products" of poor quality and no factory name brand, two to choose less color or printing products with less dye and paint, and less choice of bright, fabric and hard products, especially the underwear or summer wear for children, and three, the new children's clothing is best rinsed with clean water before wearing, so that the possible residual formaldehyde can be fully released.

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