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Olympic Craze For All, Bally Olympic Games Commemorative Sneakers

2012/6/2 10:45:00 26

Olympic GamesOlympic Games Commemorative EditionSports Shoes

Century old classic brand


Recently, I also threw myself into the upsurge of the National Olympic Games and launched a set of 12 Olympic commemorative edition sneakers.

The series is named "WEST H Collection" and is the theme of the 12 Olympic Games.

BALLY Barry welcomes Olympic Games twelve

Flag shoes

BALLY Barry welcomes the Olympic flag of France

BALLY Barry welcomes Olympic Hungarian flag

Including China, Japan, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, the United States and many other countries, shoes have chosen the retro style, only the white shoes are decorated with decorative elements from the national flag. The design is simple but clear-cut. If you want to come and cheer for your beloved country, this shoe is also a necessary luggage.


BALLY Barry welcomes Olympic Games to push German flag shoes

BALLY Barry welcomes the Olympic flag of Britain


BALLY Barry welcomes the Olympic flag of Japan

In addition, Bally specially designed a HANOETote-bag for ladies, with five colored ribbons symbolizing the Olympic Games. The handle part was refined with Bally superior leather, worthy of matching purchase.

Favorite friends can be purchased at Bally stores in Japan, including shoes priced at 37800 yen (HK $$3780) and Tote packages priced at 78750 yen (HK $$7875), even the classic gentlemen's brand is hard to resist the Olympic passion.


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