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Bianca Bai'S Ten Inch High-Heeled Shoes Stumble Carelessly, And Xiong Dailin Regards Maggie Cheung As The Goal.

2012/6/2 13:32:00 76

Bianca BaiHigh HeelsXiong DailinMaggie Cheung



Bianca Bai

Ten inches

High-heeled shoes

I fell very sad when I fell down carelessly.



Xiong Dailin

I hope to become a strength actor.

Bianca Bai yesterday wore a ten inch high heel shoe to attend the Beijing Jewellery Show. When she strolled the stairs, she tripped over the wires and fell down. She remained calm and professional, and followed the men's model immediately to help her.

She said she had never tried to fall from her activities and said she was very sad: "sprained her feet and told herself to stand up."

Because I have to work at night, I'm very worried. "

As for the earlier being accused of seeing a sunrise with a man, she admitted that he was "a Taiwanese working in Hongkong, but not a wealthy family, but a working people."

When Xiong Dailin was asked to marry when she was in the same field, she responded, "this year, no matter what life events need to be prepared.

(has anyone recently said that you are high-profile?) do not see, do not want to pressure themselves and unhappy.

Her film, "men's clothes," will be shown. She asked if she wanted to be a vase or a powerful actress. She admits that Maggie Cheung is the target: "she is my goddess, and I hope I can have a chance to chat in activities."

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