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Haining China Leather City Chairman Appeared At Seoul University To Analyze Sino Korean Commercial Cooperation.

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At the invitation of the Korea trade association and the Seoul Institute of Asian Studies, Haining China


The chairman of the city held a special speech at Seoul University in May 29th.

It is reported that Ren FA is the first Chinese CEO to go to Seoul University.

In the speech entitled "China's CEO analysis: the opportunities and challenges of South Korea's business in China", in the context of 20 years of establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea and 18 years of entrepreneurship in Haining China Leather City, the evolution, current situation and development trend of the Chinese business model were introduced to the participants, and some suggestions were made on the further expansion of South Korea's business with China's cooperation space.

In an interview with the China Economic Times reporter, Ren said that the Korean business has many leading models, such as famous department stores such as Lotte Department store, and also a professional market known for clothing, such as Seoul east gate.

However, compared with the famous industrial products such as modern and Samsung, Korean business has entered China's relatively slow pace and has become a "short board" for the economic and trade cooperation between China and South Korea.

For example, there have been no less than one hundred "Korean cities" in all parts of China, but the success rate is low.

Ren believes that the two or three line brand abroad is difficult to occupy the first tier cities in China through the mode of franchised stores, thus opening the market.

There were more than 150 brands of Korean clothing entering China. Because of the lack of awareness among Chinese consumers, only a few brands such as clothing and love were firmly established.

In his view, these two or three line brands to develop the Chinese market the most advantageous way is to rely on commercial strength, "Baotuan" action.

In May 14th, China and South Korea formally launched the China ROK free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations.

For South Korea with a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, it is necessary to seize the opportunity of FTA and strengthen Sino Korean commercial cooperation.

Xu Xutai, head of China Chamber of Commerce of the Korea Trade Association, said that the rising consumption power of the Chinese market is a very important market for South Korea.

The Korea trade association is willing to cooperate with the Chinese enterprises in Haining leather city to promote the Korean business to develop the Chinese market.

The speeches delivered by the law attracted more than 200 people from all walks of life in South Korea.

At the presentation, the reporter interviewed HASCO, CEO, Pu Zhengfu, vice president Shen Hexie, and general manager of China headquarters, Cui Changhuan, which was famous for Korea in the average price store.

The reporters learned that Shen Hexie and Cui Changhuan had returned to Seoul from Shanghai deliberately to listen to the lectures and had exchanges with any other law.

Shen Hexie said that the successful mode of Haining China Leather City has great reference and inspiration for Korean business, hoping to have the opportunity to jointly develop the market.

Seoul university has always been Korea's first comprehensive university.

The Institute of Asian Studies of Seoul university has invited many foreign dignitaries such as Dr. Kissinger and Chinese ambassador to South Korea to address the University of Seoul.

Lin Xuan, mayor of Seoul, told reporters that this is the first time that the University of China has invited celebrities from the Chinese business community to give a speech. This also shows the expectations of all sectors in South Korea for strengthening economic and trade cooperation between China and South Korea.

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