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Wuhan'S Largest Private Shoe Museum, Walks Into Xiao Lao'S Craft Shoes World.

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Xiao Renjie, who lives in the liberated community of Labor Street in Jiang'an District, has fallen in love with collectors' shoes in recent years with his wife Zhang Maoqing. Now in the house of two old 70 square meters, he collectors all kinds of materials and shapes at home and abroad. art and craft shoes More than 2000 pairs.

House change "shoe museum"

Xiao Renjie handles the collection of craft shoes.

Modern shoes often have troubles, and there is no place to put them in. On the way to Xiao Renjie's house, the reporter kept thinking: how big the house should be with more than 2000 pairs of shoes.

Walking into Xiao Jia is like walking into a world of craft shoes: the living room, the study room and the bedroom wall are all made of glass cupboards, which are full of various kinds of craft shoes. Only 70 square meters of houses, put these treasures, there is enough room for family life.

Talking about how he was bound up with craft shoes, Xiao Ren Jie recalled that he went to Guangzhou on business in 1986, and saw a beautiful ceramic craft shoe in the shop, so he bought it back and collected it. Reporters saw that the pair of beautiful shoes were also labeled with the price tag of that year: 2.50 yuan. Xiao Lao said, at that time, a month's salary was only a few dozen yuan.

After that, Xiao Ren Jie Began to collect all kinds of craft shoes. Over the past 20 years, Xiao Jie has been collecting craft shoes from all over the country. Among the shoes he collectors, in terms of materials, there are more than 30 kinds of gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, aluminum, lead, bamboo, crystal, pearl, agate and so on.

Reading history from "three inch Golden Lotus"

Xiao Renjie collectors a dozen pairs of "three inch Golden Lotus". One of the hand-made "three inch Golden Lotus" was discovered in 2004 when Xiao Jie Jie visited the collectible market. He thought it was a fake product and bought it at a lower price.

Later, when Yang Shaorong, the famous "three inch gold Lotus" collector, came to Shanghai, Xiao Lao held his shoes specially and asked him to identify him. Yang Shaorong, after careful analysis, said, "these shoes are genuine, and they are worn by women in the small families of the late Qing Dynasty. The soles are natural wear and tear. They are old fashioned lines. The reporter saw that the shoes were 14 centimeters long and modern adult women could not wear them. Xiao Renjie said, from these shoes, you can read the history of China.

Shoes are everywhere in your home.

In Xiao Renjie's family, many objects are a shoe artwork.

The watering pot is shoe shaped; the vase is a glass shoe; the sleeping bed is also like a shoe. The smallest "shoe" is a grain size ear stud. It needs a magnifying glass to see that it is a shoe shape.

Xiao Renjie's "Darling" is a pair of shoes made by white top jade in Afghanistan. He was sent to him by a friend in Shenzhen. This pair of jade shoes are warm and moist, with strong pulse and transparent water. Two shoes can be linked together, called "shoes", "harmony" meaning.

Xiao Renjie also treasures a pair of clogs, which are only 2 centimeters long. This is made by the famous handicraft master and the miniature expert Liu mud. The shoes, shoes and soles of these clogs are genuine materials, and their exquisite skills are breathtaking.

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