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The Professional Competition Of National Vocational Colleges And Universities Will Start This Month.

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CostumeAcademy Competition

In 2012, the national skills competition for vocational colleges will be unveiled this month. The education part should not be sure that the Nantong Textile Academy and Nantong secondary vocational school are the competition points for the Vocational Design of this year's vocational college skills competition and the competition of costume design and production in secondary vocational schools.

According to the regulations of the National Organizing Committee for vocational skills competition, the competition is jointly handled by the Jiangsu provincial education department and the Nantong municipal government.

In May 31st, Yang Xiangning, deputy director of the provincial education department, made a special trip to inspect the preparations for the competition and affirmed the preparatory work for the Textile Academy and Nantong Polytechnic.

It is reported that the competition time is from June 14th to 17th.

There will be 34 teams from 22 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in Nantong. The total number will be about 250. There will be 37 teams in Nantong secondary vocational school. The number of participants is around 400.

During the competition, there will also be exhibitions and forums related to garment industry.

In the past two years, the Vocational School of our city has won 51 gold medals in the provincial and national skills competition. The total number of gold medals has ranked the highest in the province, and has delivered a large number of high-quality practical talents for Nantong.



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In October 28, 2011, the theme of "participation, competition, pcendence" of Guangzhou textile


Vocational skills competition in 2011 opened at the school of Chi gang in the school.

This year's skills competition includes 19 categories: Youth storm model performance, make-up, costume design and production (setting and effect map), illustration design, accounting (note counting), keynote speech, English recitation, and so on. There are more than 1000 entries, and the award-winning works of the skills competition are exhibited at the opening ceremony of the six skills competition.

On the same day, the new art exhibition center and the clothing research and development center were set up.

Guangzhou textile and garment vocational school has always taken "close to the characteristics of the industry, training practical talents and serving the local economy" as its tenet. Not only has it achieved fruitful results in the 50 years of school running practice, but also has achieved remarkable results in all previous skills competitions.

It is reported that in the first half of this year held in Guangdong secondary vocational school clothing skills competition, "Guangzhou spinning school" students have made CAD plate, code and parts processing, won the first prize 1, two and 3 awards; style design and three-dimensional modeling won the first prize, 1, two, 2, three and so on 1; model performance won the first prize 2, two, and so on, 1, 1 and other awards.

In June 2011, in the 2011 national vocational school skills competition jointly sponsored by 16 units such as the Ministry of education and the Tianjin Municipal People's government, Miu Shiwei, the "Guangzhou spinning school" contestant, won the two prize in the "women's spring and summer fashion fashion design, three-dimensional modeling and pattern revision". Liu Kun students won the three prize in the competition of "clothing CAD plate making, sewing yards and women's fashion matching clothes (sandwiched) sewing"; in the "model clothing show and performance" competition, Deng Xitong won the first prize and Zhang Kaiming student won the three prize, Huang Xiaolan students won two prize in the "graphic model exhibition performance" competition.

During the competition, the Guangzhou textile school was awarded the first prize of the 2011 National Vocational College Students' skills exhibition and the two prize of school enterprise cooperation product exhibition and sales appraisal.

In the 2011 tenth Southern New Silk Road model competition, which was recently built by the southern television station and the new Silk Road Modeling Agency, the students Jiang Dandan, Zhang Kaiming and Liang Liying obtained satisfactory results.

Among them: Zhang Kaiming classmate won the "top ten model" title, Jiang Dan Dan entered the top 20 and won the "best mirror Award", and Liang Liying was admitted to the top 30.

The achievement of these outstanding achievements shows that the "Guangzhou textile school" pays attention to the characteristics of "knowledge and skills, theory and practice, ability and quality" and marks the further improvement of students' comprehensive vocational ability.

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