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The Two Creation Of Ironing Techniques

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IroningPleated Skirt

In the laundry industry, there is a popular saying called "three points wash, seven blanching".

The proportion may be exaggerated, and not all clothes are ironed after washing in daily life.

But no one can deny that the better clothes are ironed and ironed once they are dried, which will definitely make the dress "reappear vitality".

In fact, in addition to the simple ironing in daily life, someone is spending all his life trying to find out how ironing works best for clothes.

The only ironing theory book was born.

In 1961, he began to learn the skills of the ironing industry. In 1963, he worked for Wu Ruizhang in Beijing, which can be said that he spent all his life in the ironing industry.

In Wu Ruizhang's own words, his life has been dedicated to the industry, and he can't come up with it either.

Wu Ruizhang, who has retired, has not retired to the second line. Instead, he began to review and sum up his experience in the past 50 years, and then sort out the ironing industry.

Wu Ruizhang recalled that he was admitted to Beijing service school in 1961, and then taught for 10 years in the industrial and trade technician college.

In this way, it is found that the current teaching mode in this industry is mainly based on oral communication.

Although the ironing industry is mainly manual technology, Wu Ruizhang, who taught lessons, deeply felt the importance of theory for the development of the industry, and realized that his practical experience was enough to become a solid foundation for pforming into theory.

So, he spent a year and a half of the time, with his own experience for the industry added a "textile and clothing ironing technology".

This book can be called "the only theoretical book of ironing industry in the world".



The core is to restore clothing to its original form.

Ironing is not unfamiliar to consumers. It can even be said that families will use this technology.

However, at present, most consumers are still ironing the clothes after washing and drying.

When many consumers send their clothes to the laundry, the laundry request is only taken back to see the clothes are uneven.

At present, the real realization that ironing technology can bring a lot of benefits to their costumes is more than just some white-collar workers and women whose economic conditions are in the upper middle class.

Wu Ruizhang introduced, for ironing technology, can be summed up in three words, that is, "Ping, Ting, type."

Ping is just the most elementary requirement of ironing technology.

At the time of ironing, the core of the ironing is to "restore the original clothes". This requirement means having a deep understanding of the curvilinear modeling of clothes, and even involving human engineering knowledge.

"Earlier, people in basic literary circles wore ironing, especially in some dances.

Pleated skirt

The pleated skirts are all ironed out by hand.

Although the development of foreign ironing equipment has made manual technology slowly ignored, but in Wu Ruizhang's view, machines can never be replaced. "It can be said that good ironing technology is the two creation of clothing."

Lack of talents in ironing industry

The price of the ironing industry has also developed along with the development of the times.

"If a skirt wants to be heated, it will take at least a few hours, and it will cost 5 cents in the past. Now how many hundred dollars will be needed for a skirt to burn?"

At first glance, the industry seems to be profitable, but when it comes to the talent problem in the industry, Wu Ruizhang looks worried. "Not proud, but there are few people who can reach my level now."

In its view, most of the ironing workers in the market are blind at the moment. "It seems to have become a common phenomenon in this industry that" after a period of time, we can not catch up with the technology and learn from it.

The study of ironing is to start ironing one piece of clothing from the beginning, and constantly grope for rules in practice.

Usually from scratch to operate independently, at least two years.

Therefore, there are few people who can afford to learn from their hearts. After learning, they really have little experience in this industry.

Wu Ruizhang said that because of equipment needs, the ironing industry needs to operate in a fairly high temperature environment, which can be described by torture for many employees who can not keep up with the cooling equipment.

At present, many of the junior employees in the ironing industry earn only one thousand yuan a month.

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