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Shanghai National Gold Center Shopping Center Gathered In The World Famous Brand To Display Summer Customs

2012/6/4 8:49:00 59

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Shanghai golden Center Mall displays gorgeous costumes in summer

Recently, the Shanghai Golden State mall has launched a theme event to show gorgeous costumes in summer.

Feng Xiuyan, general manager of Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Group, said: "on the warm summer day, IFC shopping mall in Shanghai is the first to produce fresh jumps and beautiful flowery blockbusters. The 2012 most popular fashion elements in spring and summer are cool, elegant, fashionable, light, natural, large print, realistic animal lines, exaggerated flowers, dazzling fluorescent colors and so on.


There is a clear view of the flagship store.

Huang Zhisheng, chief executive officer of Sun Hung Kai Property Shanghai IFC Mall, said: "Shanghai IFC Mall is the most sophisticated international customer.


Trend trend, this shopping mall selected 3 different styles of brand merchants to be highly recommended.

Including Bally, the world's oldest luxury brand; Jean Paul Gautiye Paul Gaultier, which embodies the essence and romantic feelings of French fashion, and MOSCHINO, which is full of innovative and playful style. (Jean)

Their unique luxury, fashion, classics and taste coincide with the high-end, fashion and international hall level positioning of IFC shopping mall in Shanghai.

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