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Shaoxing And Nanjing Successfully Organize Training Courses For Textile Enterprises To Cope With International Trade Frictions

2012/6/4 8:51:00 32

Textile Industry

In May 25th, the International Trade Office of the China Federation of textile industry and the China Council for the promotion of international trade.

Textile industry

The training course of "textile dealing with international trade frictions and using rules to safeguard rights and interests" jointly organized by the Suzhou Municipal Committee of the China Council for the promotion of international trade and the China Eastern Silk Market Management Committee jointly held in Shengze, Wujiang, Jiangsu, China's famous silk town.

Speaking at the training course, Zhang Yankai, vice president of the China Federation of textile industry, said that at present, the export of industry is facing a grim situation of external demand being sluggish. At the same time, it has been hit by some developing countries at low and intermediate levels, and the industry is facing a long-term and arduous challenge to deal with international trade frictions.

As an important industrial cluster and trade center of China's textile industry, Shengze should constantly enhance the ability of backbone enterprises to cope with trade remedy investigation, and strengthen the system construction of enterprises to prevent legal risks.

Following the successful holding of two training courses in Shaoxing, Zhejiang and Nanjing, Jiangsu in 2011, the Shengze training class invited experts to conduct 3 special lectures.

Liang Hao, director of the Three Export Department of the Ministry of Commerce and the Fair Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, introduced the recent macroeconomic situation of international trade friction and the development trend of trade friction facing the textile industry. Liang Hua, an international economic and Trade Arbitration Commission of China, explained how the textile enterprises used arbitration to solve commercial disputes, and introduced the general rules of arbitration implemented by Shanghai Trade Commission in May 1st. Zhang Zhen An, a partner of Ho Ying law firm, explained how the textile industry should deal with the trade remedy measures and the matters that enterprises should pay attention to in the investigation according to their rich experience in dealing with anti-dumping cases for many years.

The theme of this training course is distinct and its content is pragmatic. It is welcomed by nearly 200 representatives from Shengze and its surrounding textile enterprises.

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