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Looking Back At Hawick Lau's Trip To Cannes Without Changing Shoes, BALLY Shoes Are Distinguished.

2012/6/4 8:40:00 1182

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In May 15th, Hongkong actor Hawick Lau and his girlfriend Yang Mi appeared on the streets of Cannes. Kai Wei wore shoes on that day. Bally 2012 spring and summer Comi series men's shoes, gentleman temperament with a straightforward nature. This shoe is designed with Goodyear edge, which combines breathable, wearable and lightweight features.

Hawick Lau's shoes for the first time

Hawick Lau changed his clothes but never changed his shoes.

Let Hawick Lau Zhong Qian's Bally

Among many famous brand families, BALLY can be called a unique family. We always try our best to achieve the concept of "overall modeling" and make our work full of charm. For example, BALLY shoes and handbags have similar design features, the same color leather manufacture, the same way of sewing, even the way of marking, all of which are based on the idea that BALLY wants to create a rich and diversified fashion world that is still a perfect whole.

   Hawick Lau :

Hawick Lau, Hongkong film and television song multi - male artist, is the son of Hongkong veteran artist Liu Dan. In 1994, he set foot in the performing arts circle, ran a dragon in TVB, became a singer, and began to fight in the mainland after 2005, and transferred his career focus to the domestic performing arts circle. With "Phoenix wearing peony", Huo Dong Qing has made a debut in the mainland. In the past 011 years, it has been popular in the Hunan TV hit TV series Qianshan snow. The love affair with Yang Mi, a famous actress, has attracted much attention. It has increased its popularity and has been labeled as the best spokesperson for romance novels. The representative works are: Qianshan twilight, "Phoenix wears peony", "the beauty of heaven" and so on.

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