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Retro Clothing Has Become A Fashion Outfit.

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"Ready to make a long gown", Xiao Chen is a white-collar worker of a foreign company in the park. He went to Guanqian Street Qian Taixiang the other day to make a long gown with silk fabric. "It is both elegant and individual." Xiao Chen is very satisfied.

Yesterday, according to Ding Jian, general manager of dry Tai Xiang, the custom made silk clothing was hot again this summer. The sales of fabrics only increased by more than 1 times over the same period last year.


Silk Fabric

It is pure silkworm white woven silk fabric, made of twill weave.

According to the weight of the fabric, it is divided into thin and medium-sized.

According to the different processing, they are divided into two types: dyeing and printing.

Its texture is soft and smooth, soft and light, colorful and cool.

This summer, many people choose to pay attention to the fabric and the international popular pattern and color.

According to Ding Jian, in the past, the demand for custom-made silk fabrics was mostly in the middle aged and the elderly, especially in the summer. Many young and fashionable customers crowded into the shop this summer. From the custom-made style, women concentrated on cheongsam, while men concentrated on Chinese shirts.

Yesterday afternoon, in Guanqian Street, Qian Tai Xiang, the newly thickened, heavy pound crepe satin attracted many fashion customers.

According to the introduction, the traditional crepe de chine and other fabrics have been gradually eliminated.

Silk fabric

Heavy weight crepe satin has been favored this summer, with sales, accounting for more than 50%.

This summer's first thickened, heavy pound crepe satin, which costs 398 yuan per metre, is twice the price of ordinary heavy crepe satin, and is still popular among many fashion customers.

According to the introduction, traditional silk fabrics are mainly chromatic printing. This year's high-definition digital printing is not only a strong sense of layering and stereoscopic, but also brighter and richer.

"Want to be an old cheongsam", a young "Meimei" chooses the new pattern fabric, and puts forward the customizing requirement of the "better tradition".



The main type of improvement is the length of the knee around the knee. This summer, with the popularity of many international brands, the "old style" Qipao, which has grown on the back of the foot, has been renovated and become fashionable.

Men's silk Chinese shirts have also changed the traditional Chinese and Western combination.

Tang Costume

Many fashion gentlemen called for the "Old Tang suit" with sleeves, even the silk gown.

Fashion outfit


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