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Attention Must Be Paid To Successful Exhibitions

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MICE industry

The development can not be copied, it should be rooted in the real economic needs and continuous innovation.

In China, most enterprises have not yet made exhibition as the best place to sell products or strive for orders.

Therefore, similar to Germany and other western countries, the success rate of industry exhibition is not high.

At present, we need to determine the theme of the new exhibition according to the reality.

Investment and exhibition is a good topic.

At present, the most urgent task of local governments, development zones and other organizations is to promote the rapid development of local economy through investment promotion.

Whether at home or abroad, there are numerous investment activities organized by various forms of stragglers and soldiers, and the quality of investment is uneven. However, the annual cost of these activities is over hundreds of millions of yuan.

This is a huge market space, professional and well-known investment and exhibition, in the current hot tide of China, in the tide of attracting investment everywhere, we need Jedi.

Several points for attention in the investment exhibition are the key to success or failure of the exhibition.

First, attractive themes.

To organize large-scale investment and attract domestic development zones to participate in batch, we need a fixed theme and gradually form a brand.

For example, the German business cluster Investment Promotion Association, or the German machinery industry investment promotion association of China, has formed a long-term mechanism, which can attract enough domestic personnel to run for several years.

Second, invite attractive German side to participate.

We must pay attention to the combination of popularity and reality. Enterprises within the world top 500 must have a well-known, public government or association organization to enhance the publicity effect of exhibition.

However, more participants should be German enterprises with investment intentions in Germany, which will express their business and name of cooperative projects to Chinese enterprises one by one.

Third, promotion in China's local governments and development zones.

Finally, participants and sponsors are the main source of revenue for mice.

On the premise of good themes and German participants, it is the most important thing for local governments and development zones to give money.

This requires serious planning.

Fourth, the diversity of exhibition forms.

Before the exhibition, publicity is often the key, not only including the theme before the conference, but also building up the reputation and brand of self.

It also includes the needs of the participants, the initial docking on the Internet, and the double effect of interaction on the Internet and at the meeting.

Exhibition itself, including exhibitions, promotion meetings, seminars and other forms, to enhance the probability of bilateral contacts and pactions.

Fifth, the sustainability of mice.

It is a common problem for many seemingly successful conferences to go all in one shot and then head over the bush.

The brand of convention and exhibition needs continuous operation.

We need excellent and strict exhibition procedures, we need high-quality operation teams, we need stable team of experts, and we need long-term credit.

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