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China'S Men'S Wear Industry Has Formed A Brand Pyramid Type.

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Chinese Men'S WearMen'S Wear


Men's wear

Growth, benefit, rapid urbanization and consumption upgrading

Since 2000, with the continuous development of social economy, there are more and more business people in China, and more and more business activities, and men's clothing is developing rapidly.

The compound annual growth rate was 15.8% between 2009 and 2013.

China's men's wear industry has formed a brand Pyramid type.

High end men's clothing is almost monopolized by foreign first-line brands. The high-end men's clothing is mainly formed in two or three foreign brands and Chinese brands. The middle end men's clothing is mainly business casual wear in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong.

Middle and high-end men's clothing mainly entered the second tier city's senior department stores, airports, star rated hotels, etc. the men's wear at the middle end mainly went to stores and department stores, etc.

Business casual men's wear is the fastest growing industry in men's wear industry.

Business menswear consumption groups are mainly concentrated in 60, 70s and 80, 90s two generation of male groups.

The two generation of population structure is spanning, and the consumption demand of business men's clothing is different.

In addition, the increasing number of business and social activities, the popularity of leisure trends and the emergence of the middle class constitute the three key driving force for the business men's wear market.

Men's business clothing increased from 2009 to 2013 at a compound annual growth rate of 17%.

Domestic high-end business men's wear: Men's clothing industry's two take-off

Domestic high-end business men's clothing is less affected by international brands.

The middle class of the main consumer group will grow from 150 million to over 400 million in the next ten years, and the population base will be nearly 3 times.

Domestic menswear is positioned in the middle and high-end, and it will be widely distributed in the two or three tier cities with consumption capacity, which will obviously benefit from the upgrading of consumption in these cities.

Two dimensions of men's wear listed companies & key companies

We adopt some growth and profitability indicators to classify A men's clothing enterprises into two dimensional images, and select the key companies: seven wolves, nine herdmen, and card slave road.

Our logic is that, benefiting from the development of the business men's wear industry, the seven wolves and nine herding kings are both male and female in Fujian Province. The scale is stable and has strong channel management ability and scale advantages.

Carnot road location high-end business men's clothing is less affected by the overall economy, the smaller the channel base, the larger the future growth channel.

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