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New York Is The Capital Of Fashion. Cixi Ping Is Dressed Up. Jeremy Lin Wants To Start With Shoes.

2012/6/4 9:08:00 329

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In this multi Gold Alliance, there will be a new fashion trend every once in a while, and there will be various kinds of people coming out to seize the opportunity.

Today, Lakers' Ci Shiping is very much like the former bulls player Rodman in the pursuit of fashion. He is good at proving himself in a strange way.

He even said that he should guide Jeremy Lin how to make himself more tide.

Ron Artest, renamed 2011 Mehta Wald piers, November 13, 1979 - was born in Queen bridge, New York, New York, USA, a professional basketball player and a junior striker, playing for the NBA Losangeles Lakers.

In 2004, he won the best defensive player award in NBA, winning the reputation of Artest's top defensive player in the league.

He was also one of the main participants in the "fight at the palace of Auburn Hills".

In addition, he is also a rapper, known as a singles champion, who was renamed "charitable world peace" for some time. It was simply called Ci Shiping.


Jeremy Lin

Gym shoes

Style, both inside and outside the court.

Jeremy Lin loves sports shoes.

"He needs a better hairstyle.

You play in New York, but New York is the fashion capital.

Change your hairstyle, OK? You are a star now. "

Ci Shiping so directed Jeremy Lin.

In addition, he sent a more detailed proposal: "he should wear leather pants, he is the type of leather pants can be worn, choose a pair of good.


You are Jeremy Lin, not an ordinary little character.

Look at the newspapers in New York, look at those fashion magazines and wear them.

If he wants to come to me, I'll teach him how to be cool. I can train him. In short, he should change. "



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