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Fashion Design Graduates From Southwestern University Do Graduation Show

2012/6/4 9:16:00 107

Fashion ShowSouthwestern University Fashion ShowSouthwest Clothing Culture Festival

Recently, graduates from the fashion design department of Southwestern University held a graduation exhibition in Chongqing. At the exhibition, 8 sets of costumes called "the most dazzling folk style" set off the first climax. Liang Liefeng, executive vice president of College of textiles and clothing, Southwestern University, said the graduation exhibition was the seventh Southwestern University. Costume Culture Festival One of the highlights.




Southwest Graduation show The most dazzling national climax




Graduate School of Southwestern University Fashion Show The most dazzling national climax




Southwestern University graduates do the best fashion show.

It is understood that as early as the beginning of the design, there was a clothing manufacturer from Shanghai and Li Liang held talks to prepare for the acquisition of the two design. "The works of the students are so shocking to me!" said Deng Xiaoqin, general manager of Chongqing dream poem dress Co., Ltd., many students' works have commercial value. After the exhibition, she will discuss with her designers about cooperation.

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