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Marketing Skills Of Exhibition Organizers

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Marketing steps

1. Market Research and forecast.

Organizers need to focus on the following four aspects of market research: (1) market prospect analysis, such as policy feasibility, market size and type.

(2) competitive analysis of similar exhibitions.

(3) analysis of the advantages of this exhibition.

(4) survey of potential customer needs.

2. target market positioning.

The organizer should consider the following four factors in the market segmentation: (1) the type of exhibition.

(2) industrial standard.

(3) geographical subdivision.

(4) behavioral segmentation.

3. make a marketing plan.

For the exhibition enterprise, a marketing plan generally should include the following contents: (1) the analysis of the present situation of the marketing of mice and mice.

(2) SWOT analysis of enterprises or specific conferences and exhibitions.

(3) the establishment of marketing objectives.

(4) marketing mix strategy.

(5) specific action plan and marketing cost budget.

(6) execution and control of marketing plan.

4. implement marketing plan.

5. marketing effectiveness evaluation.

It consists of two parts: ex ante test and ex post evaluation.

Among them, ex post tests included focused solicitation or random interviews with participants / exhibitors on various marketing activities.

Ex post evaluation is the only way to measure whether marketing activities achieve the desired goals.

Two, exhibition marketing skills

Convention and exhibition companies are generally concerned about marketing when they are running exhibition projects.

According to the current situation of China's exhibition industry and personal experience of the author, if the exhibition company is not satisfied with the sales volume of an exhibition, the following measures will generally be considered first.

1. increase advertising efforts, so that more exhibitors will be interested in the exhibition so as to expand the scale of potential market.

2., by strictly controlling costs and carrying out scale operations, the quotation of exhibitions will be reduced to increase the number of buyers in effective markets.

3. make appropriate adjustments to the exhibition to reduce the eligibility requirements for potential purchasers.

4., develop a more competitive marketing mix and strive to occupy a larger share in the target exhibition market.

No doubt, the above measures are consistent with the conventional general marketing methods, and can play a role in a period of time. But from the long-term strategy of the exhibition industry development, it seems that something is wrong: 1. advertising is not much better, and the cost needs to be considered.

Therefore, the channels of advertising distribution should be treated differently according to the special circumstances of different industries. Some can attract the attention of academic circles, others can be recommended by powerful trade associations, others rely on the support of relevant government departments.

Putting the emphasis on the most authoritative institutions in the industry will achieve better results.

2. the exhibition price should not be changed easily.

Strictly controlling costs and choosing the right business models is something that every company should pay attention to in every period. However, in order to attract more potential customers, it is not advisable to use various possible ways to reduce the quotation.

The price should be decided after the market forecast has been made. We must not reduce the price because we have not fulfilled the sales volume. This will make the organizer lose credibility.

Reasonable cost saving is limited and should be consistent. Pursuing low cost blindly will cause a vicious circle of price war in the industry.

The price decision must be prudent. It must be based on a detailed, real and prudent market analysis. Once it is decided, it should no longer be changed. Otherwise, the future trouble will not only be the company itself, but also affect the interests of the whole industry.

3. the way to reduce exhibitors qualification is not acceptable at any time.

Although this method may attract some customers who are not qualified to participate in the exhibition, the overwhelming majority of exhibitors will be cheated, losing more customers, the reputation of the exhibition and even the brand of the company.

4. it is the best way to develop a more competitive marketing mix, and each enterprise has its own advantages. The most effective way to solve the exhibition marketing is to take advantage of horizontal or vertical alliances, reduce costs, improve services and increase market share.

Here are some of my thoughts for discussion.

1. membership system

Due to the particularity of the exhibition industry, it is easy for the exhibition companies and exhibitors to lose contact with the exhibitors. The membership system provides an opportunity for the exhibition companies to keep in touch with exhibitors, so as to establish a customer base for the next exhibition.

The focus of membership marketing is to return benefits.

Generally speaking, the more the number of business contacts, the lower the price.

However, to attract more members, it is far from enough to rely solely on discount from other companies.

If the scale of enterprises is relatively large, they can use their own advantages to carry out three-dimensional marketing. The return of members can not only be limited to exhibitions, but also includes meetings, publicity, market research, technology exchange, and even media monitoring.

Of course, the membership system of exhibition industry has some risks, such as brand management, cost burden, promotion cycle and so on.

2. promoting the exhibition marketing with "pre conference" and "post meeting"

The usual "pre conference" refers to the preparatory meeting before the organizer, which organizes the exhibitors together, arranges the work process and answers all kinds of problems of exhibitors on the spot.

The term "pre conference" refers to a technical seminar specifically designed for exhibitions that are to be prepared or begun.

This seminar is highly technical and the theme is closely related to the exhibition and serves the exhibition.

A company in planning electronic products exhibition, according to the industry hot spot, first prepared a "lead-free technology" seminar, mainly invited the following four aspects of people: academia representatives: explain the development history of lead-free technology; government representative: explain the policy content of lead-free products; lead-free high-end company representatives: explain their company's application of lead-free technology; customer representatives of electronic products: the real target market.

Under such a successful seminar, the electronic products exhibition of the company has already caught the target market without spending too much energy.

"Post meeting" refers to successive services of various exhibitions.

At present, the service seems to be ignored in China.

But for those hosting regular exhibitions, post conference services are even more important.

The meeting will not necessarily be a meeting, depending on the circumstances.

For example, after the meeting, organizers can track the satisfaction of exhibitors to various services in various ways, and improve them according to the feedback from exhibitors.

To sum up, for convention and exhibition marketing, low cost and service innovation are the key points, and flexible combination strategy is the key.

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