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The Misunderstanding And Core Of Clothing Direct Shop Management

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At present, many Clothing brand Gradually extended to the direct camp mode, through the establishment of Direct stores, quickly occupied the commanding heights of sales, and won more market share and better brand awareness and reputation. But straight battalion is also a double-edged sword. Not only can it increase sales performance, promote brand effect, but also expand cooperation team, but if it is not ideal, the loss will be huge, which will directly lead to a series of adverse effects of brand chain stores, so direct and effective management of Direct stores is imperative.

Play an important role in Direct stores

First, Direct stores can effectively display corporate image and brand image, and actively expand franchise cooperation. Facts have proved that the more successful a direct store is, the quicker the circulation of goods, the quicker the withdrawal of funds, the stronger the brand competitiveness and the higher the efficiency of franchise.

Two, Direct stores create direct profit sources, flexibly sell goods, and effectively handle inventory.

Three, the source of information feedback, consumer communication platform. Direct stores reflect both their own business information and consumer market demand and cooperation information. Brand dealers can make rapid adjustments based on these information in the first time, and further develop and grow.

Four, the national model shop, standardize the management of demonstration shops. With its unparalleled comprehensive advantages, the direct store has established an excellent store image, a good service guide, a standardized business guide, a scientific proportion of goods and effective brand maintenance for the franchisee, which plays an exemplary role in the comprehensive promotion and scientific management of the brand.

Five, staff training base, the dissemination of corporate culture. The direct duty shop shoulders the mission of terminal staff on-site practice and skills training, and the effective dissemination of business philosophy and brand culture.

    Clothing direct shop management Misunderstanding

Myth 1: power is in the grip.

If the boss does not authorize, do not let power or distrust, the store manager will be nominal, without decision-making power and initiative, so that the daily operation mechanization and staff responsibility will be insufficient.

Misunderstanding two: laissez faire management

Because of excessive decentralization, without supervision and management out of control, Direct stores are prone to "false sky" phenomenon, falsifying performance, hiding problems, disorderly accounts, corruption and public funds, etc., and even "commit a disturbance" phenomenon, forcing companies to satisfy all their intentions.

   Misunderstanding three: lose a lot of money

Many agents are apt to commit this common disease. Clothing direct shop The image is that the decoration is in place, but it does not pay much attention to how to manage correctly, and does not study how to arrange the goods carefully. Therefore, first-class decoration, second class management and three streams of goods will often appear, and failure is inevitable.

   Misunderstanding four: blind operation

In order to open a shop and open a shop, it only pursues the number of Direct stores, and does not attach importance to the quality of operations. This is the taboo of opening up new stores. There is no scientific plan, no rigorous budget, and no correct management.

  Misunderstanding five: stereotyped

Different levels of cities and different types of shopping malls have different functions for Direct stores. Not all direct stores are used to digest inventory, nor are all direct outlets used for investment. All direct stores do not have identical goods or make the same sales mode. They should be focused and not mechanical. Otherwise, they will lose everything.

  The core of direct store management: "four management"

The "four management" is the fundamental way to manage "people", "shops", "goods" and "accounts". The first is to manage "people" well.

It is necessary for the main management level of the direct store to combine the company's sending with the local selection, and the tenure system or rotation system can be implemented. It is the use of personnel only, the regular staff meetings, the implementation of post responsibilities, the formulation of sales plans, the clear objectives of the tasks, the training of skills, the implementation of performance appraisal, the creation of a positive and harmonious team atmosphere, the cultivation and stimulation of employees' sense of responsibility, sense of mission and sense of honor, mutual encouragement, competition and mutual supervision to help employees plan future career vision.

The second is to manage the "store", starting from the shop location, carefully decorate the store image, container and decoration should highlight the brand style and brand culture, create excellent brand image, do well the display of storefront and goods, keep the shop fresh, comfortable, atmosphere shopping environment, warm in winter, cool in summer, clean and bright, can attract customers and retain customers.

At the same time, we must manage the "goods" well, store them categorally, store goods without confusion, display styles in color, and distribute goods in a centralized and orderly manner. All goods are clearly checked in the computer system and financial software. They can timely feedback the sales information, make a statistical analysis of the best-selling and unsalable funds, and display and sell the newly listed goods and the off-season goods, the short code short goods and the old goods.

Finally, we must manage well the accounts, introduce articles from the "number", introduce the POS terminal, do well the daily, weekly and monthly account statements, follow up the accuracy and timeliness of the return data from each store, compare the daily sales data with the sales data during the same period last week, analyze the reasons for the single store analysis of the larger and larger shops, implement the inventory regularly, and achieve the "accounts, goods and funds" in line with each other, and the company should check all the data of the stores in time.

Direct store management is a dynamic and systematic process. Only by establishing a sound operation guarantee system, with effective performance appraisal system, and strengthening effective monitoring of the operation process, can we really get out of the confusion of direct business operation.

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