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The Guangzhou Expo Will Create A One-Stop Shopping Ceremony.

2012/6/4 10:20:00 33

Procurement One-Stop Expo

Architectural decoration in Guangzhou


The 2012 third Guangzhou Home Furnishing Exhibition, jointly hosted by Guangdong Association of decorative industries, Guangdong Provincial Building Decoration Materials Industry Association, Guangzhou Convention and Exhibition Service Center and Guangzhou Ling Shuo Convention and Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., will be held on August 25th, -8 27, in Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center (opposite to Yuexiu Park).

The third home fair is expected to display an area of 20000 square meters. There are decorative design exhibition area, wardrobe, whole home exhibition area, kitchen, water treatment, whole kitchen exhibition area, bathroom, bathroom fashion life exhibition area, floor and door and window exhibition area, paint, lighting exhibition area, furniture, soft decoration exhibition area, etc.

The whole city is linked together to create a one-stop ceremony for decoration.

This home Fair will learn from the successful experience of the previous home fair. Combined with the top level home design and the first-line home building materials brand, it will jointly build a super large platform for one-stop shopping for home decoration, and will also strive to break through in the organizational way, and linkage with large household appliances and home building materials stores, making the exhibition more influential, more affordable and more attractive.

Ten million discount, millions of dollars gift raffle, lifting Guangzhou home decoration procurement craze

The organizing committee will jointly launch the eight major theme procurement festivals, including home furnishings, wardrobes, home furnishings, integrated kitchens, ceramics, bathroom, flooring, furniture, household appliances, and so on. The theme group buying activities will provide real benefits for consumers, including factory direct selling, special benefit and profit making.

Spot signing, 100% prize.

The organizing committee will organize a gift certificate of 1 million yuan, and reward the customers who sign the bill on the spot to pay the deposit.

Investment has been fully activated

The third Guangzhou Home Fair has launched comprehensive investment promotion, including environmental protection and energy saving products, smart home products, home furnishings, integrated kitchens, ceramic bathroom products, furnishings, furniture, household appliances, home decoration enterprises, other products and services related to home decoration and decoration, and so on.

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