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Children'S Clothing Brand Has Repeatedly Been Trapped In The "Tibetan Drug Gate", Who Will Decide The Health Of Children?

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Formaldehyde exceeds standard, contain carcinogenic aromatic amine, netizen calls child "cannot afford to hurt".

"61" children's Day is approaching, and many departments such as industry and commerce, quality inspection and Consumers Association have announced. Children's wear Monitoring results. The Beijing Consumers Association has tested 63 samples of Baby Garments sold on the market, and found that 21 samples have different problems. 3 samples are formaldehyde content, pH value and benzidine. The remaining unqualified products are mainly focused on fabric fiber content and color fastness.

According to the reporter's understanding, the sample sample of Beijing Consumers Association is a random purchase from staff members of some shopping malls and e-commerce websites in Beijing. The sample involves 63 kinds of children's and infant's garments produced or distributed by 47 enterprises in 7 provinces and cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Guangdong and Shaanxi.

Guangzhou city commerce and Industry Bureau recently announced the two quarter of 2012, the sampling results of children's clothing and infant clothing products in circulation area: 100 kinds of sample commodities, 63 qualified products, and 37 unqualified ones. Formaldehyde exceeds standard, pH value exceeds standard, commodity color fastness is not up to the standard, and the content of commercial fiber is inconsistent with the nominal content.

In addition, other places have also released the monitoring results of children's clothing, and the phenomenon of unqualified children's clothing entering the market still exists. Shi Xiaodong, the director of the Department of Hematology, children's Hospital Affiliated to the Capital Institute of Pediatrics, said that the formaldehyde volatilization on clothes is very long. If the human body is in long term contact, the most serious consequences may cause malignant change and harm to the health of children.

Lee Soo Young, director of the laboratory of consumer goods quality and safety supervision and Inspection Center (Beijing) of the China Federation of Commerce, said that no matter adult or children's clothes, aromatic amine dyes are absolutely not supposed to appear. If the dye exists on clothing, it may cause great harm to the human body. If the dose is large enough, it may cause cancer.

The reporter found in recent groups or forums of several child care exchanges that the recent issue of children's wear is a hot topic discussed by mothers. Netizen "cake cake in October" said: "what can we believe in? Eating problems, drinking problems, and now there is something wrong with them. Children can never be allowed to go to kindergartens naked."

Gon Freecss is 4 years old. His mother told reporters that she painstakingly tried to dress for the children. She asked her style to go to the wholesale city like Bai Rong and so on. She asked for famous brands to clean up the original foreign trade list, and demanded the quality and high price to buy the brand goods of the shopping mall. Now it seems that no one will worry about it.

Reporter survey: no inspection factory, factory "two skins"

Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong, is a famous clothing production town in China. It has more than 1000 large and small garment enterprises. Most of the enterprises engaged in children's clothing production are small and medium-sized enterprises. Recently, a survey on the quality of children's clothing found that some enterprises had no inspection of children's clothing raw materials, and the phenomenon of "two pieces of leather" was more serious.

"Building a quality inspection center needs more than 10 million yuan, and 96% of the garment enterprises can not install such equipment." Wang Minjian, Secretary General of the clothing association of Humen Town, Dongguan, said that compared with the profit margins of more than 20% of the garment industry 5 years ago, the profit margins of the garment industry may now be reduced to about 4%. Under such circumstances, it is even more difficult to come up with funds to build detection equipment.

"Without testing equipment, the ingredients of the fabric are basically what the supplier says, and what the manufacturer labels on the label. What's more, in order to cater for the taste of the market, intentional false marks and disorderly markings will lead to a great difference between fiber components and logo." Zhang Yulian, senior engineer of Guangzhou fiber products testing institute, said.

Reporter survey found that in addition to lack of necessary testing in the raw material link, children's clothing needs bright and bright, and in order to achieve the effect, we need to undergo a number of chemical processing procedures. However, for children's clothing enterprises with low market entry threshold, some small enterprises are not standardized in process control and immature in processing technology, which can easily lead to some problems such as excessive formaldehyde in children's clothing, unqualified pH value and so on.

Formaldehyde exceeds the standard because in the process of making clothes, the manufacturers add auxiliaries to improve their functions such as hand feeling, crease prevention, antifouling and waterproofing, which may produce formaldehyde after decomposition of these finishing auxiliaries. At present, the state does not stipulate that the finishing auxiliaries that can decompose formaldehyde can not be used, except that formaldehyde residues should be exceeded. " Zhang Yulian said.

Some people in the industry have told reporters whether formaldehyde will exceed the standard with the same sort of auxiliaries, depending on the maturity of technological control. "Although we have developed some alternative finishing auxiliaries which do not release formaldehyde, they have not yet surpassed the traditional finishing AIDS in terms of price and finishing effect."

In addition, there are two pieces of leather export and domestic sales. "Children's clothing for export is always in large quantities, and several containers are exported together. The customs is strict in providing quality inspection reports for every batch of products, but in the domestic market, most of them are sold in dozens of pieces and hundreds of pieces. Few wholesalers require that every batch be supplied for inspection reports, and small businesses often relax their vigilance." Wang Minjian said.

Rest assured that children's clothing needs to be supervised.

According to the reporter, every time the "61" children's Day eve, children's clothing will be tested everywhere, and the unqualified products will be exposed by the media. In 2011, Guangxi, Liaoning, Shanghai, Sichuan, Zhejiang and many other places tested children's clothing, and released the test results, but the quality of children's clothing is still unqualified. Insiders said that the regulatory authorities' wait for a rabbit 'pattern made the "daily supervision" completely out of shape.

A children's clothing manufacturer in Hainan told reporters that the state has comprehensive and strict regulations on the standards of children's products, but there are some problems at the executive level. Some local testing organizations produce problematic monitoring reports in order to collect fees.

In fact, for the wholesale market, the inspection and inspection of relevant functional departments is far from enough. For the inspection of quality inspection departments, there are many ways for merchants to evade, for example, the monitoring time of relevant departments is mostly 4 times a year, and at a relatively fixed time, when the time of inspection and testing is reached, the merchant will immediately replace the products with quality qualifying, and the testing personnel will immediately change to another batch of products. The producer said.

The views of manufacturers have also been recognized by netizens. Netizens "Liu Kailing" frankly, do not break the market before the market inspection and information disclosure style, children's consumer safety is difficult to get real protection. If the relevant departments only publish children's unqualified information on the eve of children's day, only pay attention to the spot management during the children's day, while relaxing the routine supervision and information disclosure, how many children will pay a healthy price for this.

Netizens "Xi Xuchu" said that regulation can not rely on pre holiday assault. The problem product is not exactly the "surprise attack" before it emerged. It has been entraping consumers. The daily supervision and temporary sampling of functional departments cannot put the cart before the horse.

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