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China Daily Commodities Fair Held In Shanghai In August

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Trade Fair

The 106th China Daily Commodities Fair and China modern household products fair will be held on August 2, 2012 -4 in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

Since its founding in 1953, as the oldest, most large and influential department store commodity and household commodity trade fair in China, from this beginning, it has been officially held by the leading commercial exhibition company, the Beijing limited company, under the banner of the British reed group, and as always the key support of the Ministry of Commerce and the China department store business association.

China's general merchandise trade fair has a mature exhibition mode and authoritative industry influence, and its incorporation into reed group is because the relevant side hopes that reed group as the leader of the global exhibition industry can introduce the leading international exhibition management technology, the rich 300000 international buyers database and the extensive appeal of international exhibitors, so that the exhibition and authentic local exhibitions will be more international, professional and forward-looking.

Li Exhibition Group also failed to meet expectations. The 106th exhibition exhibition area reached 92000 square meters, with 3900 booths, and 35000 spectators were expected to attend.

This exhibition is positioned as: under the official support of the China general merchandise business association, it covers general merchandise and household products, attracting tens of thousands of wholesalers, distributors, agents and high quality buyers of department stores purchasing decision makers.

This world-class exhibition provides an excellent opportunity for daily necessities suppliers to establish new partnerships, find sales channels and enter the market of China's department stores.

Exhibits include hardware, ceramics, glass and bamboo and wood products, plastic products, stainless steel products and household products.

This exhibition is of great significance not only to reed group, but also to the subsequent development of China's department stores.

After deeply understanding the inadaptability of the existing economic models to the future, the Chinese government vigorously promotes the pformation of China's economy from "made in China" to "created in China" in the global economy.

In the 2011, when the global economy was in deep crisis, China's department stores still had a large increase in operating income, operating area and profits. This indicates that China's economic policy of stimulating domestic demand is strong, and on the other hand, it provides a relatively loose macro environment for the pformation of department stores.

The China Chain Store Association, jointly with PWC accounting firm, issued the "Research Report on the financial situation of Chinese retail enterprises in 2010", which showed that the income increase of retail enterprises in 2010 reached 20%, which has already crossed the annual growth rate in 2008. The department stores that sell fashionable daily consumption products benefit from this, and will become the main force in the retail industry and the growth of the cost market after the crisis.

Moreover, the growth rate of supermarket revenue reached 11.9% in the second half of 2010, which is close to the growth rate in the second half of 2009 after the crisis revived.

Chu Xiuqi, President of the China Department Store Association, pointed out in the speech of the Tenth China department store summit forum that, thanks to the stable operation of the macroeconomic situation, the increase of urban and rural disposable income, the market is in the golden period, and the contribution of consumption to GDP reached 56% in 2011.

The department store industry continued to grow in 2011, the scale of the industry continued to expand, the overall operation was stable, and the retail sales volume of the society grew steadily and rapidly.

The 94 main enterprises in the Department Store grew by 22.2% in 2011, and the total profit increased by 28.4%.

President Chu also pointed out that the most important problem in the department store was the serious homogenization of products, which led to the promotion war.

The discount sale in department stores has become our usual, single marketing method, and the concentration degree of the industry is still low.

Yin Yugang, Senior Brand Strategist of department store brand strategy and chief brand strategy expert of Shanghai Yingji management consulting company, believes that the export of China's small department stores has always dominated the international market, and there are many innovative products and high-quality products that only supply overseas markets.

With the downward pressure on exports and the upgrading of domestic consumption, these pure foreign trade products have the motive power and strong desire to develop the domestic market, and also have the strategic opportunity to quickly take a firm foothold in the decentralized market.

The 106th China Daily Commodities Fair and China modern household products fair, integrating the original local influence of reed international resources and exhibition, has created an international trading platform for "China created" in the department store industry to meet the original international development of China's foreign trade enterprises.


At the same time, it also meets the demand of pforming foreign trade into domestic demand, which greatly reduces the pformation cost and risk of foreign trade enterprises in department stores.

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