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Why Are Children'S Clothing Carcinogens Exceeding The Limit?

2012/6/4 10:32:00 36

Children'S Wear

AQSIQ recently announced

Children's wear

The results of state supervision and spot checks conducted a total sample of 200 products produced by 200 enterprises in 9 provinces and municipalities nationwide.

After inspection, 174 products met the standards, and some items of the 26 products were not up to standard. The main unqualified items were: fiber content and content were not consistent, pH value was abnormal, decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes and moisture resistance rubbing fastness were exceeded.

With the peak of children's wear coming on the June 1 children's day, the carcinogen in children's clothing was detected again, which caused consumers' concern.

Why did carcinogenic children's clothing appear frequently? Xinhua News Agency reporters interviewed this.

Children's clothing reproduces carcinogens

The reporter noted that, in addition to the inspection of the General Administration of quality inspection, some children's clothes containing decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes were found. In the early May, the Guangzhou Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau inspecting a T-shirt produced by Guangzhou Yongqi Garment Co., Ltd. detected the decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes.

Recently, the Beijing consumers' Association sampled the children's clothes of naughty dog cards sold in Beijing Bai Rong World Trade mall and detected that the children's clothing contained decomposable aromatic amine dyes.

The national basic safety technical specification for textile products expressly prohibits the use of carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes in clothing processing.

"In the past few years, there has been a lot of special rectification for clothing containing decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, but this year many places have been detected again, and there are signs of resurgence."

Zhang Yulian, senior engineer of Guangzhou fiber products testing institute, said that the clothes used in this dyestuff can decompose carcinogenic aromatic amines in the process of wearing. Once absorbed by human body, they have strong carcinogenic tendency.

In the detection of carcinogens, some children's clothing formaldehyde is also very serious.

According to the national mandatory standard GB18401, the formaldehyde content of infant products is less than or equal to 20 mg / kg, and the formaldehyde content of the textiles directly contacting the skin is less than or equal to 75 mg / kg.

But in Beijing children's Association random sampling in the market 63 children's clothing samples, from Beijing PURIT Trade Co., Ltd. a children's clothing formaldehyde content measured at 179 mg / kg, far higher than the national standard permitted content.

Experts from Guangzhou industry and Commerce Bureau said that excessive formaldehyde in clothing can cause strong irritation to children's respiratory tract and skin and mucous membranes, causing respiratory injury and triggering various kinds of inflammation.

Skin contact with formaldehyde has sensitization, rash and other reactions.

The toxic effects on infants are asthma, tracheitis, and low immunity.

Some children's clothing failed to qualifying also attracted the attention of consumers.

In the recent sampling survey of children's clothing quality in Guangzhou city's Bureau of industry and commerce, 8 children's clothing values were abnormal in the 100 products selected.

Experts from the Guangzhou Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau said that the abnormal pH value is one of the problems that occurred in monitoring sampling. The pH value is too high or too low, which may destroy the pH balance of human skin, cause skin allergy or infection, and make the skin vulnerable to other pathogens.

Game between profit and cost

"The profits of the garment industry become thinner and the quality of products bear the brunt."

Zhang Yulian said that some small profit clothing enterprises often relax their control of quality when controlling costs.

From the aspect of raw material purchase, some enterprises tend to purchase goods from irregular channels or purchase raw materials which are not standardized.

"The profit margins of the garment industry have already bid farewell to more than 20% of 5 years ago, to about 4% now."

Wang Minjian, Secretary General of the clothing association of Humen Town, Dongguan, told reporters that clothing companies are now suffering from multiple pressure on export orders, rising domestic human resources costs, rising raw material costs, and appreciation of the renminbi, resulting in serious squeezing in profit margins.

"The purchase from regular raw material production enterprises is generally more expensive than that of the cottage factories. After all, quality control and strict management of enterprises will push up the cost of raw materials."

Wang Minjian said, for example, a chemical soft oil to be added to draw clothes, for example, the soft oil is to increase the handle of the clothes after drawing water, and its regular products are more than twice as expensive as the cottage products.

In order to meet the bright and bright requirements of children's clothing, enterprises need to undergo multiple chemical processing procedures.

However, for children's clothing enterprises with low entry threshold, some small enterprises are not standardized in process control and immature in processing technology, which is the root cause of formaldehyde exceeding standard and unqualified pH value.

"Formaldehyde exceeds the standard because in the process of making clothes, in order to improve the functions of hand feeling, crease prevention, antifouling and waterproof, adding auxiliaries, the decomposition of these finishing auxiliaries may produce formaldehyde."

Zhang Yulian said, with the same kind of finishing auxiliaries, whether formaldehyde will exceed the standard will depend on the technological maturity of the enterprise's technology control. Now, although some alternative finishing auxiliaries that do not release formaldehyde are developed, but the price and finishing effect can not exceed the traditional finishing auxiliaries for the time being.

"Fines, confiscation of illegal gains or even revoking of business licenses are no use for a part of the enterprises that" shoot a gun and change places ".

A technician who works in a clothing enterprise says that some small businesses do not even have books. The property being fined on the spot may be just a small part of his earnings, and he has no sense of brand management. Even if he revoked his business license, he can register another company in another place for second days.

Children's wear: the choice is fastidious, the standard should be perfect.

People pointed out that it is not necessary to give up buying children's clothes once they are detected. As long as they have certain knowledge of children's clothing, they can still avoid buying children's clothes.

Guangzhou city industry and Commerce Bureau official said, when buying children's clothing, we should first smell whether the product has a pungent odor. If there is a pungent odor, it may be a high formaldehyde content.

It is preferred to buy products with good breathability, such as pure cotton. The fabric should be light and soft. It's best to wash it several times before buying it.

Zhang Yulian said that in order to remove chemical residues, consumers are advised to wear new clothes after washing.

Buying children's clothing should choose formal shopping places, and do not covet cheap shopping in informal channels such as merchants and vendors.

"Children are very fond of holding buttons and clothes in their mouths. In foreign countries, heavy metal spills exceed the standard for children's buttons, excessive plasticizers for their accessories, safety requirements for structural safety of clothing belts and fittings. At present, there is no mandatory requirement in China, and the standards should be improved as soon as possible."

Zhang Yulian said that hundreds of single export garments were recalled every year because of the requirement that foreign standards were not met.

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