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Kasiron Brand And Huaguang College Cooperate To Develop Children'S Health Shoes

2012/6/4 10:29:00 16

Children'S ShoesChildren'S Health ShoesScientific And Technological Strength


Children are a special group. Their physical and mental health is the parent's greatest concern.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standard, parents are right.

Children's shoes products

The demand is no longer confined to beauty or durability, but tends to be safe, comfortable and healthy.

A pair of unqualified shoes may cause irreparable life-long damage to the child.

So nowadays, parents' consumption behavior is more scientific and rational.

Faced with this trend, shoe manufacturers have stepped into the pformation stage, creating provincial and state level enterprises or industry R & D centers, increasing the core technology and key technology tackling efforts, and researching and developing high quality children's shoes products, so as to enhance the competitiveness of enterprise products in the market.

Kasiron brand and Quanzhou Huaguang college announced strong cooperation to establish Kasiron shoes and clothing health care technology research center.

Children's health shoes

Technical cooperation in R & D.

Kasiron shoes and clothing health care technology research center, by employing Fujian Forest Star Biochemical Research Institute, Lin Jian engineer, Wu Ting Quan R & D designer, and Lin Juan health care technology engineer, and so on, constitute an authoritative expert group to provide strong guarantee for Kasiron's children's shoes product innovation and development.

Most of the expert groups are outstanding talents in Jinjiang. They have been devoted to scientific research and innovation of shoes and clothing. They have won "a new type of health shoes", "a new type of health insole", "multi-function insole" and other national invention patents, which have made outstanding contributions to the scientific and technological innovation and sustainable development of the shoe industry.

Prior to this, Kasiron, the national invention patent of Lin Huqi expert of Huaguang college shoes and clothing Research Institute, "a method of making shoes and interior materials by means of biological solution", was applied to production technology and molded products, and has been unanimously recognized by the community and consumers.

Kasiron made a breakthrough in differentiated competition, really returned to the essence of children's shoes, and paid attention to the health of children's feet. Through the strong cooperation with Huaguang college, we established a health care technology research center of Kasiron shoes and clothing, and developed children's shoes with health care functions to meet the parents' demand for the quality of children's shoes.

Children's shoes with health care function can protect children's feet from external injury, and also have the functions that conform to the growth and development of children's feet and physiological functions.

The children's health shoes developed by Kasiron in collaboration with Huaguang college, improve the quality of products with technology, help children grow healthily and healthily, and make their children wear healthier and more comfortable, so that they can grow better.

In the future, he will continue to help.

Technological force

We are constantly developing products that are really suitable for children, so that children fall in love with childhood and fall in love with the children.

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