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The Most Popular Clothing Match This Summer

2012/6/4 10:45:00 250

Dress MatchingV Collar Sexy DressOL Dress.

Europe and the United States retro fashion style popular clothing collocation, color stitching high waist V collar wrinkle sexy


A very unique single product, the color is bold, very eye-catching.

Europe and America, pure color, low breasts, laces, chest, sexy suspenders and vests, so that the general collocation becomes vivid.

Europe and the United States retro big black and white stripes 7 points hanging neck strap pants

Haren shorts

It is very clear that the temperament is obvious.

Europe and the United States return to the ancient big irregular bra, V collar, lace tie, high waist sexy dress, of course commendable! {page_break}


Europe and the United States retro big color irregular color chain color pile heap collar T-shirt, looks like the proportion is perfect.

Europe and the United States retro large irregular color printing V collar slim waist

OL dress

There is a great sense of existence.


Europe and the United States, the big color, shoulder pad, round necktie, high waist waist and body wrap hip dress, give people a feeling of simple atmosphere.



Europe and the United States back to the ancient big screen, neck, chest, back and sexy T-shirt, is unparalleled Oh! Create a new look!

Europe and the United States big color hit shoulder pad, round necktie, high waist waist repair body hip Hip dress, the girl's charming and charming is ready to come out!

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