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Successful Exhibition: First Beijing Trade Fair

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ExhibitionBeijing Trade Fair

In May 30th, the first contract signing ceremony for the Beijing rendezvous service outsourcing project was held at the Beijing National Convention Center. 55 service outsourcing projects in 22 cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Chengdu and Wuhan completed the signing of the contract, amounting to 3 billion 200 million yuan. Leaders of the Ministry of Commerce, trade and Commerce and services, deputy director of Wan Lian Po, and other leaders witnessed the signing ceremony. The contracted enterprises are from 15 countries and regions, including China, the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Canada and China Hongkong.

It's incredible that I first saw such a detailed, accurate and up-to-date service trade statistics in Beijing. During the visit to Beijing rendezvous exhibition, Jeanne, Secretary General of the Australian round table service conference, said with surprise, she admired China's accurate understanding and assurance of the development of service trade.

Top three world trade in services Exhibition Concentrated on the Beijing rendezvous; signed 458 projects, the total turnover reached 60 billion 110 million U. S. dollars, from 23 countries and regions, political leaders, ministers and responsible persons of relevant international organizations and other high-end personages gathered together. As the world's only comprehensive trade fair covering all fields of trade in services, the first Beijing Trade Fair handed out a brilliant answer.

The main exhibition covers several top level exhibitions.

"Electric vehicles are green and energy efficient, but how can they be recharged more conveniently?" the SIEMENS booth at the Beijing China International City Intelligent Technology and services conference, held in Beijing, held a detailed charging line to ask the audience, "should we pull out a charging line like an electric bicycle?"

In the eyes of the audience, the wireless charging device displayed by the staff gave them a click: "this thing like a well cover can actually" empty the space "to recharge the car?

"This non-contact charging device has been tried at SIEMENS headquarters in Germany." The staff at SIEMENS exhibition show that the device looks like a sunken manhole cover, installed in the parking lot, and generates electricity through electromagnetic action. The electric vehicle can complete charging through the induction device on the chassis.

This is the latest scientific achievement of SIEMENS, a service enterprise. In May 30th, the technology appeared in Beijing's rendezvous with the Cologne exhibition, the world's leading exhibition in the field of smart city technology.

This year, the first time we walked out of Germany and entered the Cologne exhibition of Beijing Trade Fair is no worse than any previous one. Many of the world's top 500 enterprises, such as SIEMENS, Schneider, NEC and others, have appeared at the first Cologne exhibition. They have arrived at the Beijing rendezvous; Chinese and foreign urban development experts have brought the latest achievements of the smart city in the theme meeting of "global city intelligent trend", "high efficiency energy: smart grid and clean energy", "green travel: intelligent transportation and urban infrastructure", "livable city: intelligent building".

There are more than one Cologne exhibition in Beijing. The three top service trade exhibitions will meet in Beijing.

The "story driven conference", sponsored by the world's top exhibition Frankfurt book fair, first appeared in Asia. Publishers, book dealers, movie brokers, dramatist writers, musicians and game makers from over a dozen countries came to the stage.

The Sino foreign freight forwarder Logistics Fair, jointly organized by the world freight Union and China International Freight Forwarders Association, is the largest and most valuable brand meeting of the global freight forwarding industry. At the Beijing fair, this exhibition will be held for three days.

From the smart city, to cultural innovation and logistics negotiations, as the only comprehensive trade fair covering the whole field of service trade in the world, the first Beijing Trade Fair showed the momentum of all rivers and streams.

The concept of service trade, which seems to be very large, was swept away in Beijing. Covering all 12 fields and more than 130 professional forums of trade in services, the five day meeting of Beijing Trade Fair will be full.

Fruitful: the turnover is equivalent to 4 CeBIT.

Negotiation and signing are the most direct needs and expectations for many enterprises to participate in the exhibition, and the number of contracts refreshed every day at Beijing Fair represents the expectation of every enterprise.

On the red carpet, the white panels are separated by a private negotiation area, each with an area of about 20 square meters. A few folding chairs, a glass table, simple layout, but elegant environment. This is the 100 private negotiation room set up by Beijing rendezvous for the first time.

The head of Broadcasting British Corporation BBC pushed the door in, so that Li Mingda, the leader of an animation production company in the negotiation room, was pleasantly surprised. "I didn't expect such an international top media enterprise like BBC to come and cooperate with us."

The BBC leader's intention is very simple. They hope to find an animation company in China and make animated cartoons for BBC. Beijing intersection became the best platform. "Our cooperation plan is very smooth."

At the signing ceremony of the Beijing theme day in Beijing, two LCD screens were standing on the stage, and a bald tree was painted. This cartoon idea was specially designed by the organizers. Whenever a pair of enterprises on the stage successfully hand in hand, a big apple will appear on the tree. Until the last enterprise signed, the trees were covered with red apples. {page_break}

If we put the data of Beijing rendezvous in the field of global service trade, we can find that the first Beijing Trade Fair has also yielded a lot of fruits of the "hundred rivers and seas returning to the sea". Over the past five days, more than 22000 businessmen from 1721 Chinese and foreign enterprises have participated in the exhibition. The total number of professional visitors and businessmen has exceeded 100 thousand people, signed 458 projects and reached 60 billion 110 million US dollars, of which the volume of international trade in services is 11 billion 200 million US dollars.

What is the location of such data in the world's top exhibitions? It is better to compare it with the world-famous exhibitions that are already well known.

The world's largest authoritative exhibition on information, communications and software, the international consumer electronics, information and Communication Expo (CeBIT), is held annually in Hannover, Germany. In 2011, it attracted more than 4200 exhibitors from 70 countries and regions with a transaction value of about $13 billion 600 million.

IFA, one of the most famous international consumer electronics exhibition in Berlin, has more than 10 professional audiences. In 2011, there were more than 1300 exhibitors from around more than 40 countries and regions in the world, with a turnover of about $2 billion 700 million.

Asia's first and second largest B2B information and communication technology industry exhibition, Taipei international computer exhibition, 1715 exhibitors in 2010, with a turnover of more than 20 billion dollars.

It is easy to see that in the number of exhibitors, the scale of exhibitions, or the level of exhibition, the Beijing rendezvous has been among the world's top exhibitions. On the scale of the transaction, with the great value of the service trade industry, the Beijing rendezvous is more than several times the mainstream exhibition.

The turnover of more than 60 billion US dollars is equivalent to the turnover of 4 CeBIT exhibitions. The Beijing debut of the first stage, with its most comprehensive coverage and super signing power, has created a blockbuster influence.

It's still unfinished: many top institutions meet next year.

"The meeting revealed China's expectations for the future development of trade in services, and as enterprises, we have the latest concept." Deng Yuanyun, senior vice president of AMD global, said that the provincial mayors and transnational CEO summit held at Beijing Fair were fruitful.

This is indeed a "high end" conference. Looking at it, the guests are all the figures in the field of global service trade.

Guo Gengmao, executive director general of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Henan provincial governor and vice mayor of Qingdao, 5 provincial mayors; CEO, senior vice president of ABB group, Fang Qin, senior vice president of Motorola group, and other 5 multinational companies, gathered together to discuss the development status, development direction and related problems of service trade in Qingdao. Even the hosts of the conference are Long Yongtu, the famous former Secretary General of the Boao forum for Asia.

"Beijing rendezvous has a very high level of participation." Chou Hong, assistant director of the Ministry of Commerce, said that the leaders and ministers of 23 countries and regions and the heads of relevant international organizations attended the first Beijing rendezvous.

The fruitful results of the Beijing Trade Fair have not only brought guests everywhere, but also satisfied them, making them directly turn their attention to next year.

The representative of Japan's trade revival commune said that the Beijing Trade Fair was a good bridge for communication between Chinese and Japanese enterprises. The display effect of the company was very good. In May 29th alone, more than 350 manufacturers went to the booth of Japanese enterprises.

Hongkong TDC staff said that after less than two and a half days after the opening of the Beijing trade fair, more than 4000 customer information was collected, and nearly 10000 people were directly promoted. "I didn't expect the result to be so good."

"This year is too hasty, and next year's Beijing Trade Fair will be better!" He said the US participation in the Beijing Trade Fair was not ideal. "This year's impression of Beijing Trade Fair is very impressive. Next year we will organize a larger delegation to participate in the exhibition."

With the Beijing rendezvous, "next year's meeting", as well as the three major institutions that play a central role in Global trade, WTO, joint China World Trade Center development organization and OECD, have become long-term close partners of Beijing trade fair.

In addition, the first world trade network alliance to participate in the Beijing trade fair, after seeing the success of the Beijing rendezvous, has signed agreements with relevant parties in Beijing, and decided to hold the annual meeting of the alliance in Beijing in the second half of this year.

After three consecutive days of freight forwarding business negotiations, the success of the world freight union president David Gatke can not agree: "next year's Beijing rendezvous, we also come to continue to hold the tenth global freight forwarding business fair."

"The preparations for the second Beijing rendezvous have now been officially launched, and we take this opportunity to welcome all guests to Beijing next year and to Beijing again." On June 1st, at the closing ceremony of the Beijing stock exchange, vice mayor Cheng Hong, on behalf of the Beijing Organizing Committee for trade fair, sent a warm invitation to the world's service trade industry.

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