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Changzhou Zhonghua Textile Expo Garden To Create A Fashionable Living Area

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Textile Expo GardenTextiles

"As an entrepreneur, the goal should be to make a good career..."

Making money is only an index rather than a goal in the market economy. It is the sense of responsibility for success or failure and how to make the business develop healthfully.

Money, as a medium of exchange of material or intellectual property, plates it into assets.

Only in this way can we achieve economic success and make it possible for a broad and long-term economic construction to make greater contributions to the country and the nation.

Cha Jimin (Chairman of chuck group)

The old residents living in Chaoyang area know that there are many families in the direction of labor road.

Textile mill

And clothing factories, which can be said to be the gathering place of the textile industry, the third group and the name Li textile mill were regarded as household names at that time.

As early as the end of 2010, the Changzhou municipal government had planned to build the China Textile Expo Garden. In February this year, the paction of the famous textile mill and its surrounding plots further promoted the implementation of this major project. At present, the demolition and resettlement housing is being steadily built, and the protection plan along the canal will be implemented step by step.

In the palace of culture, the 8 road car is under the pick bridge. Opposite the station is the Changzhou Ming Li textile mill. It is not difficult to see from the periphery that the area of the name Li textile mill is very large. Although the buildings in the factory are already mottled, it can not conceal its glorious past.

The uncle told Xiaobian that the factory had been shut down, and Xiaobian had walked in the factory. He saw that the layout plan of the China Textile Expo Park had been posted in the most conspicuous place.

The launching ceremony of the China Textile Expo Park was held in March 16th.

The layout of China Textile Expo Park is posted in the factory. The layout of China Textile Expo Park is posted in the factory.

Chai group and Changzhou Ming Li textile mill

Changzhou Ming Li Textile Co., Ltd. is a medium-sized cotton textile enterprise wholly owned by Hongkong chuck group and invested by Jsw Energy Ltd. Its total investment is 29 million 500 thousand US dollars and its registered capital is US $14 million 180 thousand. It was formally put into production in March 1996.

Charles's group was founded in Hongkong in 1949, and now employs tens of thousands of businesses, covering all parts of Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa. It involves many types of multinational business groups, such as textile, printing and dyeing, knitting, clothing, chemical fiber, dyestuff and chemical industry, home building materials, real estate development and management, hotels, finance and so on.

Dr. Cha Jimin, the founder of the group, is a wise and modest old man who has the entrepreneurial spirit and courage of Superman.

His career began with textiles, so he had a special liking for textiles, and became his lifelong treasure. He always got his wife's help from Liu Biru.

He is very concerned about the domestic economic construction, and has invested in Hai Xin Textile Co., Ltd., Haining textile comprehensive enterprise Co., Ltd., Haining New High Fiber Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou cotton limited company in Zhejiang Province, and invested in Changzhou Changzhou Li Textile Co., Ltd., Changzhou Hong Kong Chemical Co., Ltd. and Dongtai Li Li Textile Co., Ltd.

Chai group and China Textile Expo Garden

The planned China Textile Expo Park is located on the south side of the old line of the Grande Canale, Beijing, Hangzhou, Lihua road and labor middle road. The total investment is 2 billion 500 million yuan, with a total construction area of about 510 thousand square meters.

The project was invested by Hongkong Chai group and built on the basis of the remains of the famous textile industry. It is a combination of tourism, cultural exhibition, protection and residence. It also commemorates the two patriotic Industrialists of Liu Guojun and Cha Jimin, displaying the history and culture of the development of modern Chinese national textile industry, reflecting Changzhou's important position and city characteristics in the history of modern textile industry in China.

First of all, the function of China Textile Expo Park is to inherit the history and culture of the Chinese textile industry, let the history be fully displayed in the park, let people understand the development process of China's textile industry; secondly, it is also a commercial tourism project, creating space for people to create a good life; again, it is an important window to display the canal culture, and the protection and utilization of the old canal should be fully reflected here; fourth, it is still a fashionable living area.

China Textile Expo Park is China's first comprehensive theme city experiencing the development of textile industry and combining the development of canal tourism scenery.

If the ancient canal is built like a necklace and strung up the Pearl of both sides, the Textile Expo Garden to be built will become the most dazzling pearl on this necklace.

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