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London Olympic Games Is Coming. The Choice Of Swimsuit In International Swimming Circles Is Still In A State Of Confusion.

2012/6/4 11:03:00 41

London Olympic Games SwimsuitOlympic Swimsuit


London Olympic Games

In less than two months, the international swimming season is right.


The choice is still in a state of chaos.

Choose brands? Try new ones. Choose Olympic swimsuits with old ones. This is a big problem.

Philippine fish Coach: Swimsuit works.

In July 2009, fina announced

Shark skin bathing suit

"Global banned in 2010, which means that the use of high-tech means to speed up the history of travel.

Phelps's coach Bob Baldwin said, "don't look at it is a little bathing suit. In fact, it plays a very large role. It can help athletes improve their performance.

But the role of swimsuit is also limited, it can not bring tremendous changes to athletes.




Speedo shark skin Olympic swimsuit

Swimmers tasted the sweetness of swimmers wearing shark skins in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2009.

Now, athletes are considering taking off swimsuits provided by sponsors and choosing swimsuits that can make them swim faster.

No matter who the official sponsor is, in order to enable swimmers to choose the swimsuits that are most suitable for them, swimming teams in various countries are advised to ensure that swimmers have free choice of swimsuits.

Goggles and swimming caps are also busy.

Shark skin, the famous brand Speedo, was popular in the 2008 Olympic Games.

However, in the 2009 World Championships, Phelps, who was wearing a shark skin swimsuit, was defeated by Bideman, who was wearing Arena products. The shark skin swimsuit was overtaken in the high-tech swimming suit field.




Speedo's new swimsuit, "space age"

Last November, Speedo showed its new product, fastskin3, in the space age.

Speedo claims that in addition to swimsuits, they have made important changes in goggles. The wide corners ensure that athletes can see the situation better, and the bathing cap is much smaller than before.

However, athletes are not very cold with this new swimsuit.

A coach from Holland called mand used the word "terror" in describing this swimsuit.

In his view, this swimsuit is very cumbersome. It is difficult for female athletes to wear it. When swimming into the water, the swimsuit can easily shrink into a ball.

Experts say the old ones are more marketable.

According to the fina regulations, all swimsuits that are put into use must be submitted to the fina before July 1st.

So many athletes are wearing 2010 swimsuits of Speedo.

Coach Mun said they also wanted to use Speedo's old bathing suit, but Speedo was not willing to provide it.

However, Speedo denied the news. They said in the statement that athletes have the right to choose what to wear in the Olympic Games.

It is reported that Italy swimmer Magni Ni wore Jacked swimsuit in the European 100 meter freestyle race, but she blacked out the trademark because her sponsor was Speedo.

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