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China Should Move From Exhibition Power To Exhibition Power

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"China is already the world."


Big country, but not yet a strong exhibition country, China needs to move from the exhibition power to the exhibition power. "

During the first China Convention and exhibition industry development conference held during the first Beijing trade fair, the International Exhibition Industry Association (UFI) 2013 global chairman Chen Xianjin said in his keynote speech.

Chen said that the reason why China is already a big exhibition country is mainly "more than 3", that is, there are more exhibition venues, more exhibition grounds and more exhibitions.

Data show that in 2011, China's exhibition space has reached more than 4 million 750 thousand square meters, accounting for 15% of the total world exhibition space.

From 2006 to 2011, China's exhibition space grew by 48%, while the United States and Germany increased by 5% and 2% respectively.

In addition, the number and area of exhibition venues in China accounted for 57% and 69% of the total in Asia respectively, ranking first in Asia.

The growth of China's Convention and exhibition industry should not be overlooked.

Ren Xingzhou, director of the Institute of market economy of the State Council Development Research Center, said that during the "12th Five-Year" period, the role of exhibition industry as an important part of modern service industry will become more prominent.

He pointed out that professional exhibitions are often a weathervane of industrial development, exhibition shows technological progress and brand, so the role of industry guidance and integrated services will be more prominent.

In addition, the Convention and exhibition economy has also played a leading role in catering, logistics, communications, advertising, urban construction, pportation and other third industries.

For specific cities, Dong Jun, mayor of Xi'an, said that since 11th Five-Year, more than 130 exhibition activities have been held in Xi'an every year, with an area of 235 thousand square meters for professional exhibition venues, with an annual turnover of 20%.

Dong Jun said that the exhibition accelerated the pformation of the mode of economic development and played a platform role in adjusting the structure, expanding domestic demand and promoting the cost. At the same time, it promoted the economic exportability of Xi'an, and held exhibitions such as the International Convention on ancient ruins, the Chinese Poetry Festival, the intangible cultural heritage exhibition, and so on, which perfectly shaped the image of Xi'an's historic and cultural city.

As the accelerator of economic growth, the booster of urban development and the "communicator" of city image, mice has become more prominent.

However, there are still many deficiencies in the exhibition industry in China. There is still a long way to go to become a powerful exhibition country.

Chen pointed out that China's Convention and exhibition industry still lacks brand exhibitions. In 2010, the World Trade Fair's top 100 list, the German exhibition accounted for 58%, while China accounted for only 14%.

Chen also pointed out that China's exhibition still lacks innovative business ideas and operation modes, such as the awareness of exhibition data management, the application of new media, new technologies, diversification, and multi-channel operation mode.

In addition, foreign exhibition enterprises are active in China, which has greatly improved the professionalization level and audience satisfaction of the exhibition, but has also reduced the development space of local exhibition companies to a certain extent.

Qiu Hong, Assistant Minister of Commerce, pointed out that there are still many disadvantages in domestic exhibitions, such as scattered, small and weak, heavy quantity, light quality, heavy form and light content. At the same time, the old problems of multi management, segmentation and lack of supervision are also hindering the further development of China's Convention and exhibition industry.

Yuan Zaiqing, President of the China Exhibition and Economic Research Association, suggested that China's exhibition industry should make efforts from the following four aspects: first, scientific planning, avoid duplication of low level construction; two, rational layout, including horizontal layout and vertical layout of exhibition specifications; three, structural adjustment, including the proportion of government led and market operation exhibitions, the proportion of comprehensive and professional exhibitions; four, accurate positioning, clear positioning of different regions, levels, and cultural characteristics, so as to achieve better exhibition results.

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