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Genetic Technology Can Also Make Shoes. Thailand'S "Bio Customization" Produces Leather Shoes.

2012/6/4 10:56:00 152

Gene TechnologyBiological Customization

Rayfish is a family in Chonburi, Thailand.

Shoemaking company

The company recently manufactured a unique leather sports shoe through biotechnology.

The appearance of this product uses bionic colors such as giraffe, zebra and even ladybug, and these lifelike leather products are made from genetically modified leather.

According to the company, they developed a kind of "

Biological customization

The new technology does not need to use any dye, but directly uses genetic technology.

According to the needs of customers, this company carries out genetic modification to stingray, which is often referred to as "devil fish", changing the stripes and colors of devil fish. After 6-8 months, we can get shark leather into a colourful and unique customized shoe.

Because shark leather has excellent texture and is very durable, it has been used to make books and sword sets hundreds of years ago.

At present, the price of this genetically modified leather customized shoe is quite high, priced at between 14800 and 16200 dollars.

Later this year, the product will be mass produced at a price of only $1800.

Although everyone wants to have a pair of shoes made of high quality fabric and exclusive design, but with a high price of 1800 dollars for life, it is not necessarily everyone can afford to rely on the customized shoes of biotech, which is absolutely independent in the footwear market, but whether it can become a new industry of continuous development is still a question mark.

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