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The Value Of Micro-Blog Marketing

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Micro-Blog MarketingTraditional Clothing Industry

Micro-blog, the new media.

Traditional clothing industry

It's a fresh thing.

When it comes to micro-blog marketing, it is a new thing that many people in the clothing industry do not know much about.

And now the social impact of micro-blog has gone deep into every corner of the society and became the mass media.

It is conceivable that this new thing has come to the extent that you have to pay attention to, of course, for clothing enterprises.

Nowadays, micro-blog has become a net work that everyone participates in and becomes a topic frequently.

The rapid and timely dissemination of micro-blog attracted a large number of Internet users with high demand for speed.

In some public events, micro-blog reflects its rapid dissemination and wide scope of influence. Its dissemination, openness and criticism are even more violent than traditional media.

According to the latest data, the monthly browsing time of micro-blog service has exceeded that of news and information class, highlighting the media characteristics. Compared with other news and information services, micro-blog users are sticky and lack the depth of browsing. At the same time, micro-blog users are younger than other news and information services.

All this highlights the importance of micro-blog in today's society.

In the past 2011, we witnessed the surpassing of several traditional information categories in the use of micro-blog: in April, the monthly browsing time of micro-blog surpassed the home page of financial information and media; in July, the monthly browsing time of micro-blog exceeded the news information.

Netizens' attention to information has changed from passive acceptance of information to active participation in instant communication and network interaction. The influence of micro-blog's "new media" on the pattern of public opinion has begun to emerge.

Explosive growth of micro-blog

According to the relevant data, in October 2010, the number of visitors to micro-blog service in China reached 125 million 217 thousand, an increase of 1.4 times compared with March 2010, and in 2010, the user penetration increased from 14.7% in March to 36.9% in October.

And this data has made new breakthroughs in 2011. Now that time is in 2012, it is not complete statistics. Only Sina micro-blog users have reached 324 million. Such explosive growth has made micro-blog the fastest growing new media in 2012.

Micro-blog, as a platform for users to exchange and disseminate information, is the main reason for the rapid growth of their users. Micro-blog can not only satisfy users' needs of expressing themselves, but also maintain social circles among users, having dual functions of blogs and SNS; at the same time, micro-blog has the characteristics of simple expression and immediate updating, which is in line with the fast pace of life of the mainstream netizens.

Since the launch of micro-blog in 2009, Sina micro-blog has been an explosive growth force as micro-blog's flag bearer.

Over the year 2010, registered users of sina micro-blog achieved a 200 million increase, with an average monthly number of new users exceeding 16 million.

In October 2011, the new Sina micro-blog was fully open and upgraded.

A series of product and functional innovation, micro-blog quickly exceeded Sina portal traffic, micro-blog platform is showing strong stickiness.

What is worth mentioning is that the amount of micro-blog used on mobile terminals such as mobile phones and tablet computers has surpassed micro-blog's usage on PC. With the popularity of mobile Internet, this trend will become more obvious.

Today, Sina micro-blog users have exceeded 300 million. If we estimate the social density of 1 billion 300 million people, once micro-blog users reach 500 million, it means that half of the 3 people around you are playing micro-blog, which will be the largest user group.

The age of short messages and fragmentation has changed our way of thinking, not just reading.

Micro-blog has become one of the fastest growing and hottest services in the Internet, and micro-blog value can not be underestimated.

How to make use of

Micro-blog marketing

How to make use of such a good platform becomes a topic of many enterprises. Of course, it is also a thinking problem of traditional clothing enterprises.

Nowadays, the strong micro-blog makes many enterprises eager to do this, but many traditional enterprises do not know much about micro-blog and new media, how to operate and how to achieve the desired results. This has become a problem faced by traditional enterprises.

In the face of such a flourishing new media, if it is only an onlookers, it must be a great loss for enterprises.

For companies that want to promote and promote through micro-blog, micro-blog is essentially a customer relationship concentration camp.

All market communication and new product promotion, if you do not know your target customers, can not clearly depict them, then all of your marketing programs and brand promotion will be useless.

When enterprises enter micro-blog platform, they must try to portray the target customers of micro-blog, who are they? What are their habits and customs? What is their consumption behavior? Through such a positioning, we can determine the direction of micro-blog, including the way of sending the contents and the way of promotion.

And if micro-blog wants to run continuously, it needs a system.

This system is not only supported by manpower and organizational structure, but also needs reengineering of workflow.

In the micro-blog architecture system, there is a clear requirement for cash, manpower, responsibility and assessment.

Micro-blog needs to open several accounts. What is the relationship between these accounts? What is the relationship between micro-blog accounts? What role does each micro-blog assume? These problems need to be seriously considered.

In a word, the best is only for the company itself.

As a Menswear enterprise, Wei Wei, an early entry to micro-blog, said in an interview that Wang Qi, director of the news center of the regional fashion center, said: "micro-blog started marketing micro-blog in 2011, divided into two forms: Official micro-blog and fans group. Official micro-blog used to release information on brand building, news and information, industry observation, talent recruitment team building and so on. Fans group used to release interactive, strong and relaxed topics such as product sales, customer management, fashion information, and men's topics."

As a constantly updated media, micro-blog's content is actually a big challenge. What content is published every day? How to build a harmonious, valuable micro-blog content that is meaningful to customers and can take into account commercial interests? This balance is actually an art.

Micro-blog's business value highlights

Compared with the user access characteristics of micro-blog and news information services, we can see that micro-blog has a certain gap between the popularity of micro-blog and other news media types. However, its advantage is that users have better user stickiness and access frequency.

But micro-blog's per capita browsing page is lagging behind other services, showing its lack of browsing depth.

The form of micro-blog's self media has greatly reduced the cost of content production, and more importantly, most micro-blog has implemented the real name authentication system. This trust based chain communication has reduced the spread of a lot of meaningless spam. This form can make users not only become the publisher of information, but also can receive more effective information, and can also participate in interactive communication, thus improving the user's viscosity.

However, compared with other forms of network news media, micro-blog is more like a platform based form of media. Because its information is short and updated quickly, users can complete the task of reading information in a single page, so the penetration depth index is lagging behind other network news media. At the same time, this index also indirectly shows that micro-blog users' demand for micro-blog is more from information acquisition and reading.

In the past five years, social media has been developing rapidly in the world.

With the rapid development of social media, foreign Facebook and Twitter have tried to establish the business mode of social media.

The marketing kernel of micro-blog and other social platforms is that users can accurately grasp the social relationships and interests of users even in the face of huge user groups.

How many companies are participating in such a "ready to use" micro-blog?

In March 22nd, Sina micro-blog joint social business information provider CIC released its first enterprise micro-blog white paper.

The white paper said that as of the end of February 2012, a total of 130565 enterprises opened Sina micro-blog.

Catering and food enterprises are the top ones, ranking first in micro-blog accounts of nearly 50 thousand enterprises.

Automobile pportation (mainly based on car dealers), enterprises, business service enterprises, e-commerce enterprises and IT enterprises are divided into second to five places.

It is worth noting that at present, 143 world top 500 enterprises have launched Sina micro-blog, accounting for 29%.

Among the top 500 enterprises in China, 207 have already opened Sina micro-blog, accounting for 41% of the total 500 enterprises in China.

At the same time, 1060 foreign enterprises have opened Sina micro-blog, the largest number of enterprises in the United States, followed by Japan.

In terms of geographical distribution, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong occupy the top three of micro-blog, accounting for 33% of the total micro-blog.

Among them, 20138 Beijing, 17841 Guangdong, 17141 Shanghai, including Zhejiang, Jiangsu, the top 5 regional enterprises accounted for more than 50% of the total number of micro-blog.

The business value of micro-blog is beginning to show prominence.

According to the survey, 60% Sina micro-blog users generated actual buying behavior due to blog information. Nearly 50% of micro-blog users had explicit intention to purchase smart phones and notebook computers. In addition, more than 60% micro-blog users could have complaints with the company's micro-blog account.

Micro-blog's changes to the Internet and life are obvious to all.

Sina CEO Cao Guowei has said that micro-blog can change the way of social management, changing the way of content creation and communication, changing the way of communication between enterprises and consumers, and so on.

This change is particularly obvious for Internet promotion.

The emergence of micro-blog brings new ideas and methods to network promotion.

How to seize this opportunity and make full use of micro-blog platform is now a new topic facing the garment enterprises.

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