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Guangdong Sampling Over 30% Children Clothing Unqualified Part Contains Carcinogens

2012/6/4 11:13:00 19

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In June 1st, Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau announced children in production field.

Infant clothing

And other 6 products of special supervision and spot checks, of which, children's children's clothing exceeded 30% failed.

In terms of student supplies, the two brands of "Le Pu Sheng" and "Bao Ke" were found to be exceeding the standard of benzene in organic solvents.

The sample of 4 handheld electronic information appliances produced by 24 enterprises in the whole province (40 repeater, point reading machine and learning machine) was sampled, 5 batches of products were not qualified, and 2 batches of products were not qualified.

Among them, the innovation Noah Electronics (Shenzhen) Limited electronics factory produced Noah "point learning machine" was detected power plug failed.

Dongguan Zhi Peng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. produced "Zhi Da Da" acoustic repetition machine failure test, power plug and disturbance power three items failed.

A total of 180 batches of toys (including children's cars) produced by 147 enterprises in 15 provinces and autonomous regions were also surveyed, 163 batches and 17 batches were failed.

The unqualified items are mainly the sophisticated materials of toys (including children's cars).

Among them, 10 batches of "Jiaxia" electric toys produced by Jiaxia plastic toys factory in Chenghai District of Shantou city were detected unqualified.

The tip refers to the touches of cusps or hard ends of toys or toy parts made of rigid materials, which may cause stab damage to children.

The spot checks also involved 118 batches of student supplies produced by 67 enterprises in 12 provinces and autonomous regions in the province. After examination, 111 batches of qualified products and 7 batches of unqualified products were tested.

The unqualified items are mainly the upper cap of the pen and the organic solvent benzene.

Among them, the "Le Pu Sheng" quick drying correction fluid produced by Guangdong Le Pu Sheng Stationery Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Bao Ke Stationery Co., Ltd. produced the "Bao Ke" dual-purpose correction fluid, and the organic solvent benzene content exceeded the standard.

The Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau also sampled children from 11 enterprises and 140 enterprises in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other provinces.

Infant clothing

A total of 210 batches of products were tested, 144 batches were qualified, 66 batches failed, and the failure rate exceeded 30%.

Among them, a skirt produced by Dongguan Tianling Clothing Co., Ltd. was detected with a decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dye, and a product produced by Shenzhen Dudu Garments Co., Ltd.

Boy's checked shirt

Formaldehyde content exceeded the standard.


Some unqualified products

Name of production enterprise (nominal) product name, trademark type and specification, unqualified item name

Shenzhen Fengxiang dress circular dot vest skirt (black and white) happy Zebra ZebraShow No. 21AL2121: 150/68 qualified products friction Design Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Zhuo Wei Garments Co., Ltd. sweater Zhuo Wei Le 110/66, qualifying fiber content

Guangzhou Yongqi Garments Co., Ltd. round neck T-Shirt Blue Eye elf 140/64, 130/60 grade fastness to light

Guangzhou City Kai Ge Industrial Co., Ltd. ultra slip neutral pen K515-200.5mm free formaldehyde

Shantou Chenghai District Aoqi toy factory toy musical instrument Y - 3006 material, tip

Jiangmen Xinhui plastic ironclad small treasure 2728 material, tip

Si Yuan Bai Yuan plastic products factory

Shantou city Chenghai District Jetta remote control vehicle (toy) 6688

Fengxiang anda plastic toys factory

Shantou Chenghai beach boat new Taiyang 789ABC tip

Yi Kai toy factory (nominal)

Shenzhen Handbook electronic handheld electronic information appliance (e-dictionary digital learning machine) GM539 electric gap and creepage distance Technology Co., Ltd.

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