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Comparative Test Of Children'S Shoes Will Become "Melamine" In Children'S Shoes Industry.

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Children'S ShoesChildren'S Shoes IndustryMelamine

A comparative test of Beijing Consumers Association recently revealed that over 30% of the children's shoes were not qualified.

Experts pointed out that such a chaotic market is caused by many factors, such as the late start of the market, lack of standards, poor brand awareness, and so on. "Melamine" incident has not yet made the adjustment period for Chinese milk enterprises. This comparison of children's shoes quality may become the industry of children's shoes.


Children's shoes industry will enter the adjustment period.

Recently, the Consumer Association of Beijing released the comparative test results of children's shoes, after 63 kinds of production or distribution to 47 enterprises in seven provinces and cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong.

Children's shoes

In comparison tests, 21 samples had different degrees of problems, and the failure rate was 33%.

The test is mainly aimed at the identification of samples, fiber content, formaldehyde content, pH value, decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dye and other indicators for testing.

Among them, 11 brands of children's shoes do not show the phenomenon of manufacturers, internal and external label content contrary, some well-known brands even close to "three no products", and these products are from regular shopping malls.

In addition, there are some consumers in the mind of the "big card" should also be on the list, the samples of these brands are not consistent with the content of fiber, some color fastness is not up to the standard.

"It's amazing.

I bought the baby's clothes for two hundred or three hundred, so that the quality is good, but the quality is still not guaranteed.

I don't know what to buy. "

Miss Wu told reporters that she was shocked and angry to hear the news.

Ms. Wu's children are not yet one year old. Her confusion and worry are the general concerns of consumers.

Xiong Xiaokun, a researcher at CIC light industry, told reporters that such a chaotic market is actually formed by a combination of various factors.

Xiong Xiaokun pointed out that China

Children's shoes Market

Late start, no matter the standardization of product design, model distinction, material selection and testing is not enough, there are many problems such as poor quality of sewing, no logo, no trademark, unclean appearance, and unqualified material, which play a certain restrictive and negative impact on the long-term development of children's wear market.

This market has long been a low price strategy to seize market share. Over 60% of the sales of children's shoes are mainly wholesale, lack of independent brand building awareness, coupled with low industry thresholds, and the corresponding industry rules are imperfect, resulting in the serious and uneven situation of the enterprises, while the domestic influential children's shoes brands are few, which limits the upgrading and development of the industry.

Xiong Xiaokun's argument was recognized by an analyst from American consulting firm frost Sullivan.

The analyst, who declined to be named, told reporters that a research report written by the company showed that most of the children's shoes currently designed and manufactured for infants and young children were imported brands.

How should the market of children's shoes be regulated?

Xiong Xiaokun said, first of all, children's shoes market needs to strengthen and improve the corresponding industry norms, such as the design of specifications and specifications, the requirements of related materials and so on to be strictly required and supervised. Secondly, enterprises need to strengthen brand building and ensure product quality; thirdly, upgrade the product level; finally, strengthen communication between industries and promote the development of the industry.

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