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Look At The Gorgeous Transformation Of Quanzhou Sports Brand

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Quanzhou Sports BrandSports Brand

Over the past 10 years, many Quanzhou sports brand It has gone through a process of "Metamorphosis", from the international brand to the founding of their own brand, from the small workshop type processing enterprise to the listed company, from the brand obscurity to the top 500 Chinese brand enterprises. For these Quanzhou enterprises, this is definitely the "spring" like 10 years. As a member of many sports enterprises in Quanzhou, Hongxing Erke gradually developed and grew along with this "spring", and also wrote a unique chapter that is down to earth and towards the first.

However, "spring" does not always exist, and "winter" will eventually come. After the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, the sports apparel industry experienced a "bottleneck" after a rapid expansion. With the global economic recession and consumer preferences changing, the overall growth rate of the sports apparel industry slowed down rapidly. Compared with the recession of sportswear, the casual wear market still maintained a good growth. According to the data provided by China Apparel Association, the casual wear market has increased by more than 30% per year, and the apparel industry is about 20%. Casual wear is the fastest growing branch of the apparel industry. Mr. Chen, an agent who has joined many famous sports brands, told reporters that "for many years, the style of shoes and clothes of sports brand is almost invariable, and it is more and more difficult to satisfy the young people's pursuit of fashion and individuality nowadays." Mr. Wang, who is responsible for sports brand counters in large shopping malls, agrees with the view that "the habit of these brands is an article from functional aspects, whether they are shoes or clothing, but in fact, the promotion effect on sales is not obvious. If we can spread our energy to the appearance and fashion of the product, it should be better."

Many sports brands are still keen on sports marketing, trying to grab the resources of London Olympic Games and seize the last straw in the marketing of sports clothing brand. Hongxing Erke has switched to a more fashionable and casual product and quietly transformed into casual wear jewelry brand. Obviously, the national brand that started with sports has "sniffed" from the development of the industry to the change of market wind direction. As for how to face the next 10 years, they put forward the grand vision of building the world's leading clothing brand a few years ago. According to the reporter's observation, in the past two years, Hongxing Erke has undergone many changes from terminal to product, less rendering of sports power and speed, and more fashion and leisure feeling. In particular, this summer's "mini collar T" mainly gave up the usual theme series of sportswear, instead of walking on the road of leisure clothing brand marketing.

In the market share a certain share of the market, forming a certain market "barrier", what is the advantage of Hongxing Erke's Micro collar T? Can consumers buy it? For this, Hongxing Erke's relevant personage said that compared with the round neck T launched by the United States and UNIQLO, the micro collar T introduced the "collar T" from physical properties to achieve product differentiation, and also met the target consumer's pursuit of wild joker and psychological characteristics of self individuality. From the perspective of market performance, this product is also popular among young people, providing a good experience for Hongxing Erke to introduce new products in the future, and also enhancing team confidence. However, the transformation is not achieved overnight. Is this the best time to enter casual clothes? When MTEE, UNIQLO UT and other T-shirts are already available.

Though it is a long way to reverse the consumer's impression of Hongxing Erke's sports apparel brand over the years, but for these Chinese private enterprises growing up in the "wilderness", innovation is the only way to seek breakthroughs in transformation. With the rise of Chinese brands in the world map, China's manufacturing transformation to China is the only way for China's private enterprises. On this road, it relies on a spirit of never giving up "innovation", with the wisdom of being willing to win, and the courage to bear it in order to create two brilliant achievements. We look forward to the next spring coming as soon as possible.

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