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Face And Auxiliary Fabric Industry Summer Material Retraction Autumn Material Dynamic Pin

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Polyester FilamentSurface Auxiliary Fabric

The near future,

China Textile City

The turnover of polyester fabrics showed a pattern of differentiation. The new and old varieties of polyester filament fabrics in the autumn increased alternately, and the number of merchants entering the market increased partly. However, the spot turnover of the summer thin polyester fabric showed a downward trend, and some of the popular fabrics were promoted at a high price, and the overall market price declined slightly.

In the near future, the spot sale of polyester filament fabrics in summer thin grey fabric has been significantly reduced, and spot prices have declined steadily.

Traditional market summer thin clothing mainstream varieties of polyester FDY jet spinning chiffon and polyester FDY knitted two-sided T-shirt fabrics are still relatively large, but the number of spot listings continues to slump. The spot market subscriptions are mostly down, and most of the additional pactions are limited. The volume of the total volume is down, and the price trend is stable.

Over the past few days, the middle-aged and elderly women's clothing in China has been sold with polyester FDY118D knitted printed double faced domestic sales varieties and young and middle-aged women's clothing with polyester FDY118D printing cartridge, polyester FDY118D printing and four rounds of cartridge domestic demand foreign trade paction has declined partially, and the overall market paction has shown insufficient.

In the near future market, the mid autumn thick grey fabric spot listing increased incrementally, and the price is stable and soft.

Medium thick autumn polyester filament fabric hangs on the market slightly increased, spot listing partially increased, and new fabrics listed more widely.

Polyester filament

New and old varieties of fabrics have been listed on the market for local growth. The spot market has increased slightly. Many new and old varieties have been sold in small and medium quantities. The number of foreign merchants has increased slightly.

In autumn, medium and thick polyester filament fabrics increased slightly, and the price trend was basically stable.

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